Lithuanians maintain the tradition of ‘Kūčiukai’

As Christmas Eve is soon approaching, both packaged ‘kūčiukai’ (Note: very small, slightly sweet pastries) and ‘kūčiukai’ in bulk find themselves in the buyers’ shopping carts more and more often. Traders count that as much as up to 150 tons of ‘kūčiukai’ are bought before the holidays. These baked goods are found on the festive table not only in different places in Lithuania, but also in other countries, where there are people who cherish Lithuanian traditions. Researchers of Lithuanian customs claim that the tradition of eating ‘kūčiukai’ symbolised the relationship between the man and the bread. In the past, ‘kūčiukai’ were as big as the size of a palm. What kind of ‘kūčiukai’ do Lithuanians prefer today? […]