Foreign affairs

In the Lachine Corridor. Geopolitical journeys of a Lithuanian

The village of Lachin (which the Armenians call Berdzor, by the way) is a kind of symbol of the strife and lawlessness of one of the significant South Caucasian conflicts. It was once home to […]

Lithuanian Polish flags

Advised to show solidarity with Poland in probe of Smolensk air crash

Lithuania’s parliament is advised to show solidarity with the neighboring Poland and state support to the resumed investigation of the 2010 airliner crash that claimed lives of then president Lech Kaczynski and another 95 individuals. […]

Egidijus Vareikis
World War One

Opinion: The First World War, tragedy and legacy

This summer, though full of fresh war fears, it will be time to commemorate the beginning of the First World War and people are remembering the conflict in different ways. Some are erecting monument for terrorist (or is it freedom fighter?) Gavrilo Princip in a still deeply-divided Bosnia, some are visiting war memorials, some are reviewing the statistics of casualties and destruction. […]