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European Union

What’s does Europe’s future need? It needs you.

You’re doing your best to live responsibly. You shop carefully. You want to ‘green’ your house with solar panels. You want to adopt the latest digital technologies to eliminate waste (and cut your bills). You […]

Central/Eastern Europe

The rails of war: An EU railway initiative for the defence of Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities recently launched a call for proposals to improve the country’s defence capabilities. Here is one that we believe could help strengthen Ukraine’s immediate and longer-term defence. And, beyond that, it could help […]

Central/Eastern Europe

MEP Andrius Kubilius. Europe’s geopolitical crisis: causes, lessons, consequences

Russia’s war against Ukraine is a major geopolitical crisis for the entire European continent. It is the first such geopolitical crisis since the Second World War and since the creation of what we now call […]


Gazprom and green deal: who will win? Gazprom is manipulating the deliveries of gas to European markets. Why?

Until the end of 2021, Gazprom was considered a reliable supplier of gas to Europe, or at least to the markets of Western Europe. That allowed Gazprom to become a dominant exporter of gas to […]