Lithuanian ground forces

In 2016, Lithuanian ground forces will become a force to be reckoned with

When Lithuania had huddled up under NATO’s wing, it felt more secure and even unconcerned as to where it would get more funding for its army or how it could modernize it. The events in Georgia and Ukraine, however, jolted the Baltic country out of its lethargy and forced it to look at how it can strengthen its armed forces. […]

The Russian T-72 tank

Lithuania’s Javelin missiles will turn Russian tanks into ‘tin cans,’ report claims

Last week, it was officially confirmed that Lithuania will buy Javelin mid-range anti-tank systems from the United States for €50 million. The T-72 tank, widely used by Russian army and also used in Ukraine, is like a tin can when faced with a Javelin. More about the Lithuanian military‘s new purchase was revealed on an LRT TV programme about military weapons. […]