Jevgenijus Denisovas at Nemenčinė forest

ARAS warning after Nemenčinė incident: don’t play war games in Lithuanian forests

Sunday morning at the Nemenčinė forest, a 12-person group gathers. It could be noted that some men are wearing the Russian model masked uniforms and are armed with the Russian machine guns. After getting signals from worried citizens, the police responds immediately, anti-terrorist operations team ARAS fighters come and detain potentially dangerous individuals. […]

Officer from the police anti-terrorist operations unit ARAS

Police detain 12 men with airsoft guns in forest close to Vilnius

Police on Sunday morning detained 12 men with airsoft guns in a forest near Nemenčinė, in the district of Vilnius, the Lithuanian Police Department said. […]

At the Vilnius' Roma Settlement

Police cracks heroin supply chain to Roma settlement in Vilnius

Vilnius police have cracked a heroin supply channel from the Middle East to the Roma settlement in the Lithuanian capital organized and conducted by a Tajik national in close contacts with Roma people in Lithuania. […]

Police officer

Drinking and driving. A sobering experience after the facts

Over the last year, there has been a lot of attention to alcohol problems in general and drinking and driving in particular. A high-profile civil servant, a TV personality and more recently a candidate for Minister of Justice received a lot of negative publicity following arrests for drinking and driving. They are all part of more than 2,500 drivers caught by the police for drinking and driving. Not just damaging to a career, it is also a very expensive experience. […]

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Police bust international arms smuggling ring headed by Lithuanians

Nine Lithuanian nationals have been detained during an international operation in Lithuania on the suspicion of links with terrorism and arms smuggling, in addition to another 15 Lithuanians busted in Spain. […]


Police unions fear Skvernelis reforms will be scrapped

The Lithuanian police officers’ union, the Officers‘ National Trade Union (NPPS) fear that reforms begun by Interior Minister Saulius Skvernelis may be scrapped by his successor and is threatening to use all legal means to make sure the succeeding minister will continue the reforms started by Skvernelis. […]