Budget 2017 – who will be better of next year?

The President and the new government have stressed a number of times that one of the greatest tasks for next year would be to reduce social segregation. The 2017 budget allocates over half a billion euro to social needs. The Prime Minister promises larger pensions, wages are to rise for educators, police officers. However the Seimas opposition says that without structural reform, it will be difficult to reduce poverty and social segregation. […]

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Economists say statistics do not show the real poverty situation in Lithuania

Statistics Lithuania has announced data showing that 22.2% of Lithuania‘s population risked falling into poverty last year. Economists were quick to note that this trend repeats year after year, but that statistics do not show […]


One in five Lithuanians below poverty risk line

Some 560,000 people in Lithuania, or 19.1 percent of the country’s population, were below the poverty risk line last year, down by 1.5 percentage points compared with 2013, according to a survey of incomes and living conditions carried out by the country’s statistics office. […]