Households and financial liabilities

700 housing units purchased by Russian citizens in Lithuania this year: calls for immediate action

Some 699 Real Estate (RE) properties – this is the number of properties acquired by Russian citizens in Lithuania until the 15th of November this year. This figure is only a few dozen less than […]

Building site

Metaphors from Citus experts: two waves of challenges for the housing market

Over the last two years, the housing market in Lithuania has been marked by two “black swan” flights – events that analysts could not predict and data did not suggest. The first tide marked the […]


Offices, funds, migration and other trends steering the Lithuanian real estate market in light of COVID

COVID-19 continues its march – Europe is returning to restrictions and with them come the renewed economic forecasts. Northern European markets, Lithuania amongst them, have experienced a V-shaped economic recovery. Mindaugas Vanagas, founder of the […]

Vokiečių gatvė

Commercial premises in Vilnius Old Town – empty and plenty like never before

More empty commercial premises in Vilnius’ Old Town — such a choice of spaces have not been seen for a long time. What is happening? The development of Vilnius Old Town, the resurrection of some […]