Michael Baum

Insights on building a billion-dollar company from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Michael Baum

Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Michael Baum is coming to Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) to deliver a lecture and a pitching event. Baum is a CEO of 100 million worth investment company and startup academy FOUNDER.org which invests in student entrepreneurs from the world’s top universities and helps them build great companies. His lecture ‘The 8 Secrets to Building a Billion Dollar Company’ will take place on Tuesday 17 February. […]

No Picture

KTU Santaka Valley to host open lecture series on zooetics by World-Class Researchers

Interdisciplinary art research platform Jutempus (Vilnius, Lithuania) launches Zooetics, a 5 year long exploration of future environmental fictions and models. ‘Zooetics’ is a notion in progress to explore new ways to engage human knowledge and research with other forms of life — from mammals to microbes to molluscs — and to imagine designs, prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies. […]