Eimuntas Nekrošius

Lithuanian stage director gets Italy’s Order of the Star award

Lithuanian theatre director Eimuntas Nekrošius has been made the Commander of the Order of the Star of Italy for his special merits in strengthening cultural cooperation between the two states. […]

Rimas Tuminas

Small Theatre of Vilnius: Mixing up rebellion and metaphysics

Theatre is only possible when there is a director with his own theatre vision. At the roots of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius (SSTV) stands its director Rimas Tuminas, long praised by theatre critics for a distinctive theatrical language and performances being exemplified for the “all-immersed” psychological acting, more distinctive poetical and lyrical elements and, sure, the buzz. […]

Juozas Miltinis

Juozas Miltinis: a picky foodie, dresser and extraordinary talent

Many art creators could be lined up for their indelible imprint for the Lithuanian culture history, but few lives have been more enshrouded in awe-inspiring rumors and legends than that of Juozas Miltinis, a Lithuanian theatre director and founder of the Panevėžys Drama Theatre. […]