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No escape for speed limit breaches with new laser speed meters in Kaunas

New laser speed meters were introduced by Kaunas Municipality Traffic Safety Commission members and police officers. […]


Lithuania’s traffic jams: smart thinking needed

Traffic jams in Lithuania’s largest cities can’t hold a candle to those that torment the residents of the world’s largest metropolises, but Lithuanians who live farther away from their workplaces complain about having to spend an hour or more a day in traffic jams during their commutes. What sort of losses do traffic jams cause, and can this problem be solved easily? […]


Young drivers to be barred from powerful cars in Lithuania

The Lithuanian parliament unanimously accepted a proposal to ban young drivers from driving powerful cars. […]

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Drunk police officer kills two in car crash in north Lithuania

A drunk police officer killed a man and a woman in a car crash in Panevėžys, northern Lithuania, on Tuesday evening, leaving one more man seriously injured. […]