The biggest summer football event EURO 2020 is here

The European Football Championship, which was postponed for one year due to last year’s pandemic, is finally here. The year has changed, but the name of the tournament, EURO 2020, has remained the same, and now the 24 strongest football nations in Europe are fighting to see which one is the best.

The EURO 2020 tournament starts on June 11 and lasts for exactly one month, ending with the final on July 11 at the famous Wembley Stadium in England. Let’s take a closer look at this football tournament and which team is considered the favorite this time around.

Historically special tournament in special conditions

This tournament is special because UEFA EURO 2020 is taking place across the continent for the first time in 60 years, with a total of 11 host cities participating. The games will be held in London, St. Petersburg, Baku, Munich, Rome, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow and Seville.

There are a total of six subgroups and each has four teams. The first two teams in each subgroup, as well as the four best third place teams in all subgroups, will be in the top sixteen, i.e. the playoffs. The subgroups themselves are divided as follows:

  • Turkey, Italy, Wales and Switzerland play in subgroup A.
  • Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia play in subgroup B.
  • The Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and Northern Macedonia play in subgroup C.
  • England, Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic play in subgroup D.
  • Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia play in the subgroup E.
  • Hungary, Portugal, France and Germany play in subgroup F.

The most nerve-wracking games can be expected from subgroup F, which brings together the three European football giants Portugal, France and Germany, but given that all three still have a chance to get out of the subgroup, none of them should worry too much at the subgroup stage. Of course, as long as you can beat Hungary, which is considered an outsider.

Judging by the odds, the football bookmaker believes that Hungary has no chance to go further, but this is what makes football interesting both in this subgroup and in all other games. Surprises happen quite often.

What are the favorites of EURO 2020

What makes this tournament extraordinary is that there is not a single favorite to win. More precisely, according to experts, even eight countries are fighting for victory – France, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands.

One potential surprise that has not been appreciated by sports betting experts is Croatia. This is the team that made it to the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

We can’t tell who’s going to win just yet, but one thing is for sure – the enthusiasm of football fans is guaranteed for the whole month, and football will grab our attention for the next four weeks.

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