The case of the January 13

Gorbachev had to have known about the January 13 Vilnius assault

I read with interest the BNS October 17, 2016 article, published in the EN.DELFI by the Lithuania Tribune “Lithuanian court rules to question Gorbachev in coup trial” as my Ph.D. in history research at the University of Tartu, Estonia is on “Why the Soviet use of Coercive Force in the Baltic Republics Failed in 1990-1991 and Led to the End of the Soviet Union.” The most important part of this BNS article was not the headline of the Lithuanian court ruling to request the questioning of Gorbachev, which will never happen. Rather, the statement that “…Lithuanian prosecutors said that the available evidence did not lead to a conclusion that Gorbachev was aware of the intended military action and failed to take measures to prevent it.” […]