Seven facts about the Lithuanian language

Read those facts about the Lithuanian language and you will understand better why it is considered beeing one of the most unique languages in the world. Let’s begin from the fact that the Lithuanian language […]

At the Lithuanian documentary film festival in Chicago

Lithuanian documentary film triumphed in Chicago

The first Lithuanian documentary film festival (LDFF) took place in Chicago where it attracted loyal fans of film. Cinema festivals in this city, inhabited by many Lithuanians, were formerly projected in 1978. Petras Bernotas was […]


Vilnius: welcome to a dynamic film set

When Helen Mirren walks into her home as Catherine the Great in the new HBO mini series named after the famous Russian Empress, she’s not really in the actual rooms of the famed Tsarskoye Selo […]

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Fashion experts share insights about peculiarities of Lithuanian style

How do Lithuanians fit in world’s fashion contexts? Would one be able to recognise a Lithuanian in the street when judging merely from his style? Although it is quite difficult to define today’s Lithuanian identity in fashion, we are not ignorant about world’s fashion trends as we courageously get ideas and inspiration from Western countries, and we add the “made in Lithuania” phrase to the result, Expert at Newmood Fashion Institute Jūratė Stanslovaitytė claims. Young Lithuanian designers that observe shifting customer needs attentively support her opinion. […]

At cinema in Vilnius

Lithuanian Film Centre announced production grants for 2019

The Lithuanian Film Centre has distributed €2 910 817 at its first session of financing for 2019. In all, 43 film projects received funding for production and development. […]