Gift ideas

Best 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you have been dating for such a long time, you are probably familiar with your girlfriend’s tastes. And choosing a gift for her will not be a problem for you. All girls like surprises […]

Stranger Things

New episodes of Stranger Things might be filmed in Lukiškės prison

Following the successful filming in Lithuania of HBO’s series Chernobyl, it appears that the US company Netflix has also been drawn to Vilnius. The newest, 4th season of the series Stranger Things may potentially be […]

Glorifying communism at Rouge in Paris Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune

Seeing Rouge (Red) in Paris

Rouge (Red) is the title of a large-scale exhibition of Soviet artwork, films, and sound documents presently show in the Grand Palace in Paris.  Although interjected with some mild critique, the show feels like a […]

Film Community gardens @the Lithuanian Film Center

Cannes Film Festival #72 and flavor of Lithuanian films

This year proved to be successful for Lithuanian filmmakers: Lithuanian titles and names can be found at the lineup of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Vytautas Katkus’ debut short film Community gardens (lit. Kolektyviniai sodai) […]