WANTED: volunteers to spread Lithuania’s name in the world

Wanted volunteers
February 16 on the Gediminas Av in Vilnius @ DELFI Tomas Vinickas

Do you feel that the world does not know enough about Lithuania? Do you feel that Lithuania has a lot to offer to the world but it is not heard? Guess what, you are not alone, and the Lithuania Tribune team feels that way as well. Hence, together we can do something real about it – WANTED: volunteers!

We have the one of the oldest language in the world, rich traditions and history that could be envy of much larger nations! Lithuania has managed to survive despite all the odds and become a success story. This should be known to the world also! This is what we do, we are looking for such stories and broadcasting to the world in English. And our not for profit organisation would really do with some volunteers who care about Lithuania and about its place in the world.

Translators, editors, writers, reporters, SEO and WP specialists, and…

We are looking for volunteers who have great command of English and Lithuanian in order to translate texts from Lithuanian into English. We are also looking for the native English speaking editors who can help us with editing texts in English. Our texts are mainly about current Lithuanian affairs, history, culture, sports, opinion pieces, and texts that could be of interest to foreigners.

We also looking for volunteers who could help us with SEO. We have some great material, but need to get it out for the public’s knowledge. Perhaps, you know the Word Press platform and could help us with the maintenance of the site? That would be also very much appreciated.

Join our team in our effort to spread an amazing story which is called ‘Lithuania’. We have been doing it for almost ten years, join us and tell others! Wanted: Volunteers!

Looking forward to hear from you editor@lithuaniatribune.com

Or otherwise, if you wish to contribute to this idea, you can do it by supporting us financially by becoming our Patron. Just click the button below, and help us to spread the word about Lithuania to the world in English! Become a Patron!

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