Slot Machines. John Schnobrich. Unsplash

Things You Need To Know Before Gambling Online

Whether or not you are the conventional gambler who was forced to switch to online gambling (because of Covid, obviously) or you never tried any kind of gambling previously, before beginning gambling online there is […]


Top 9 Reasons People Break Up

Why do people don’t want to be together anymore? What is the reason to stop dating? Such questions are not uncommon in the modern world, especially when a very beautiful couple breaks up, and the […]


How to save your money by using bitcoin: 5 simple tips

Do you remember that old buddy Scrooge from the famous cartoon “Duck Tales”? Right you are! The one who is exceptionally stingy and whose permanent aim is to gain as much as possible. Why do […]

Vilnius Film Festival at Hotel Pacai. Photo by Robertas Daškevičius

Vilnius Film Festival announces 2021 award-winning films

Vilnius Film Festival 26th edition concluded April 5, 2021 with the announcement of European Debut, Short, and Audience Award competition winners. This year’s innovative, COVID-safe festival format was a collaboration between the film industry and the […]