Latvia's Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics
Foreign affairs

Astravyets divides the brothers: Linkevičius does not see common ground, while Latvia presses ahead

When the Baltic and Polish Foreign Ministers met in Vilnius, they welcomed the success of the fight against the coronavirus. However, disagreements have arisen over their views toward the Astravyets nuclear power plant, Vilmantas Venckūnas […]


Lithuania a growing eSports market

The growing popularity of eSports was already evident even prior to the world wide COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has only served to open up the eyes of the masses to exactly how huge, and perhaps […]


Gestapo and NKVD: A History of Chekist-Nazi Cooperation

In West Berlin, on Heinrich Dernburg Street, among other “memorial plaques” that commemorate the names of the victims of Nazism, there is a brass plate with several dates engraved. It is tucked away in the […]


Ericsson: Lithuania’s chance for a great digital leap forward

After imposing the quarantine, all countries, including Lithuania, witnessed drastic changes in data consumption habits. Most mobile network operators noticed people having more and longer calls, with up to 100% increase in voice services. The […]