Lithuanian and Ukrainian landscapes to be exhibited in Luxembourg

Near Trakai Photo Ludo Segers

During the annual wine harvest festival in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, three photographers will show their view of the world in an exhibition at Bernard Massard organised by the City of Grevenmacher. 1 World, 3 Views (1 Welt, 3 Viewen), will feature the photos of Kateryna Mostova (UA), Christian Lamy (L), and Ludo Segers (CND, B).

Ukrainian photographer Kateryna Mostova recently arrived in Luxembourg as a war refugee. She specialises in portraits, art, and advertising, working from 2014 until recently in Kyiv. Already fond of drawing in childhood and interested in art, her family steered her towards economics and sociology before she studied photography and cinematography. Shortly thereafter, she discovered underwater photography, resulting in an intriguing series of photos.

Since arriving in Luxembourg, Kateryna has been concentrating on volunteering for a variety of social activities that support war refugees her home country. In addition to being a photographer, Kateryna also developed a game called “Pick and Speak”, helping to develop conversations and language skills.

Vilnius Morning Photo © Ludo Segers

Kateryna’s photos at the “1 World, 3 Views” exhibition at Bernard-Massard in Grevenmacher will show a different side of Ukrainian life than what is often seen in the media. Her photos depict a beautiful and diverse country that is still largely unknown to most people who have not been to Ukraine or ventured outside of the capital, Kyiv.

Ludo Segers photos have often been seen in Lithuanian media. In high school he studied graphics, typography, and art. Stimulated by his teachers, he began working as a part-time photojournalist at age 17, acquiring skills in chronicling and portrait photography.

Ukrainian Misty Forest Kateryna Mostova

Ludo’s landscape photos are mostly minimalist and reflect his background in graphic design, often described being at the intersection of art and narrative documentary. His portraits often depict everyday scenes with a touch of playful humour that reflects the person’s inner life, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Stylist Véronique Lejeune observed “His photos exhibit a subtle balance that goes beyond mere accuracy, capturing an intimate element of time”, something Gaétan Picon described as ‘L’admirable tremblement du temps…’

About the photo exhibition

The photo exhibition will take place 8-10 September from 10H to 18H at Bernard-Massard in Grevenmacher. Free entry.

Tripping the Fantastic Kateryna Mostova

Conceived by Grevenmacher’s vice-mayor Monique Hermes and City Manager Tom Schwartz, the exhibition aims to show that through the power of photography we can see different views of our world. In addition to Kateryna Mostova and Ludo Segers, Christian Lamy focuses on landscapes and street photography in exotic locations, with a keen eye for light.

A Vilnius Winter Sonata Photo © Ludo Segers
The Look Kateryna Mostava
The Grain Basket of the World Kateryna Mostova
Preila Photo © Ludo Segers
Nautical Dance Photo Kateryna Mostova
My World Kateryna Mostova
Misty Mountains Kateryna Mostova
K29 Photo Ludo Segers
Let’s Meet Again Kateryna Mostova
Juodkrante Photo © Ludo Segers
Hello Wonderful World Kateryna Mostova
Happiness is a Free Ride Kateryna Mostova
From the seires The Splashes Kateryna Mostova
Christo Paris Photo © Ludo Segers
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