Foreign affairs

Vytautas Bruveris. Terrorists hope that the enemy will finally fall. But what if it’s the other way around

The world is changing. It already has. We are all already living in a new historical period, with instability and insecurity at its core and growing, Vytautas Bruveris, the director of ELTA news agency, wrote. […]

Foreign affairs

Ex-president D. Grybauskaitė’s move – already in foreign press: unanswered questions and an unexpected reaction from China

The visit of former President Dalia Grybauskaitė to Taiwan has attracted the most attention, not among the Taiwanese themselves or the usual threatening Chinese, but among Lithuanians, Agne Černiauskaitė and Indrė Naureckaitė writes in […]

Foreign affairs

Brazil or a divided world again

There is a tendency to talk badly about the Middle Ages, to say that the world was a cruel and dark place – that some people were killed for their beliefs, while others believed that […]

Albinas Januška

Former presidential adviser says Lithuania’s NATO membership is 2nd-rate. They agreed behind our backs

Albinas Januška, a signatory of the Act of Independence, diplomat and former advisor to the President, is talking and thinking a lot these days about national defence, diplomacy and how we can do more by […]