Gerhard Schroder
European Union

Germans are the EU’s political Achilles’ heel: this has been clear ever since Schröder and Merkel used to fly to Moscow

Russia is so far confidently ahead of Ukraine. Fortunately, not on the battlefield. But, as the EU’s foreign policy chief, Mr Borell, has pointed out, since the start of the war, the Community has provided […]

Foreign affairs

A. Kubilius. On Lithuania’s foreign policy strategy up to 2030

Instead of an introduction This text aims to bring together in a more conceptual form personal thoughts, initiatives and projects devoted to foreign and security policy, which I have had the opportunity to lecture, explain, […]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foreign affairs

Vytautas Sinica. The dead-end of a “values-based” foreign policy

The news that Lithuania would continue to receive Belarussian exports of potassium fertiliser, after actively campaigning for sanctions against the regime in Belarus, rapidly became a scandal. The experts are appalled, the transit companies are […]

Alexander Lukashenko
Foreign affairs

The fight against the Lukashenko regime takes an unexpected turn

The strategy to stop illegal migration from Belarus has taken a turn that was unexpected for Lithuanian politicians: outgoing German Chancellor Merkel spoke to Belarusian dictator Lukashenko on the phone to discuss the situation on […]