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Foreign affairs

Six steps by the cabinet in case of hard Brexit

In preparation for the potential withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union without an agreement, the Lithuanian government has backed legislative changes, which would ensure undisturbed social guarantees for Lithuanian citizens, who worked in the UK so far, and British citizens, who reside in Lithuania, which would be as favourable to individuals as possible. […]

Salome Zurabishvili
Foreign affairs

Georgian president to visit Lithuania

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė will meet Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili on Thursday, reports. […]

Linas Linkevičius
European Union

L. Linkevičius: disinformation is a serious challenge to Western unity

On Monday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius participated in an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting, where EU member state foreign ministers discussed the EU’s plans to combat disinformation, a press release states according to […]

Foreign affairs

Baltic PMs meet on closer cooperation, security

The prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia met here on Monday on closer cooperation and security issues. […]

Arvydas Juozaitis
Foreign affairs

Alternative for Germany building connections in Lithuania

Having gained popularity in Germany, the far right party is seeking supporters in Lithuania as well. At the invitation of presidential candidate Arvydas Juozaitis, three MPs from the anti-immigration and recognising the Crimean annexation Alternative for Germany, have arrived in Lithuania. A. Juozaitis says that their view match over immigration and the European Union, but not Russia. Political scientist Tomas Janeliūnas notes that isolated by traditional parties in Germany, the AfD is seeking international recognition, writes. […]

A. Guoga on CNN's Quest Means Business
Foreign affairs

Millions around the world support initiative urging Amazon to scrap goods with Soviet symbols

The terrible Soviet crimes against occupied Baltic nations and ignorant attitude towards history were discussed and broadcasted to a wide international audience on Thanksgiving. The programme on CNN was about insensitivity showed by Jeff Bezos and his Amazon Inc. to millions upon millions of Soviet crimes victims and their descendants. The #WhyNotSwastika campaign started after the Baltic States’ people discovered that the most popular American retail companies are selling goods with Soviet symbols. Some responded to it but the retail giant Amazon has ignored this plea so far. […]