European Union flag raising ceremony in Vilnius

Economists evaluate the EU stimulus plan – what Lithuania has lost out on

Already a few weeks ago, from moods in the financial markets, it could be predicted that the EU stimulus plan will be approved. Just there were questions on its nuances: how much funding will be […]


Hijacking Ukraine’s green energy future

Several years ago, Ukraine became an attractive place for investors in the green energy sector after having established beneficial green tariffs – the payments for electricity produced from the renewable sources of energy. In addition […]


Tax burden influences economic state aid

Nordic-Baltic business law house Fondia prepared an analysis of government aid for business and individuals in several countries. It turned out that state aid for economy correlates directly with the tax burden, calculated as a […]


Birutė Visokavičienė. Universal basic income in light of the outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic

Caught by the coronavirus pandemic, many governments are quickly reorienting themselves towards what was previously viewed as a utopian experiment – universal basic income. This idea now seems to be one of the few valid […]