Potential jobs-related friction: immigrants taking on jobs Lithuanians unwilling to do

The pandemic has closed borders and increased unemployment in Lithuania to levels not seen for several years. However, even give such a situation, a quarter more people immigrated to Lithuania compared to last year. The […]

Nerijus Mačiulis

Mačiulis: Lithuania has been able to avoid shock and so the economy will contract the least

The coronavirus crisis has struck a major blow to the global economy. However, Lithuania’s economy was almost able to avoid economic shock, with the country posting among the smallest declines in its economy among all […]

European Union flag raising ceremony in Vilnius

Economists evaluate the EU stimulus plan – what Lithuania has lost out on

Already a few weeks ago, from moods in the financial markets, it could be predicted that the EU stimulus plan will be approved. Just there were questions on its nuances: how much funding will be […]


Hijacking Ukraine’s green energy future

Several years ago, Ukraine became an attractive place for investors in the green energy sector after having established beneficial green tariffs – the payments for electricity produced from the renewable sources of energy. In addition […]