Households and financial liabilities

700 housing units purchased by Russian citizens in Lithuania this year: calls for immediate action

Some 699 Real Estate (RE) properties – this is the number of properties acquired by Russian citizens in Lithuania until the 15th of November this year. This figure is only a few dozen less than […]


Expansion of export markets increases Lithuania’s resilience to geopolitical challenges

There are reasons to be optimistic about Lithuania’s trade data for the first half of 2022. According to a press release, the government’s goal of diversifying export markets has not only proved successful but is […]

In a forest

Survey: 78% of companies in Lithuania care about reducing environmental impact

More and more companies in Lithuania are concerned about the environmental impact of their operations. According to a survey conducted this spring by Norstat, a research company commissioned by the renewable energy company Green Genius, […]


Germanavičius: The impact of war in Ukraine on the real estate market

We are still at an early stage in what is happening in Europe, and the big effect is yet to come. However, certain things are already visible today. And, in my opinion, they will only […]