Economists revise forecasts for 2024: slower inflation decline and economic growth expected

Taking into account the intentions of the US and the European Central Bank to keep interest rates at higher levels for longer, the worsening outlook for the global economy, and the potential risks to EU […]

Bank of Lithuania

Bad news from the Bank of Lithuania: here’s what they are forecasting

Several months have passed since the Bank of Lithuania’s last forecasts. The latest one, presented by the steward of the financial markets, shows both promising and not-so-good developments. The Bank of Lithuania projections that this […]


Many workers are at risk of losing their jobs: are entrepreneurs playing tricks or officials being too tough?

Representatives of factory workers are preparing a protest against the Government and other institutions that are not doing enough to save people’s jobs and incomes, Martynas Žilionis is writing at the news portal. At […]


There are 73,000 Ukrainians in Lithuania. They have worked and created a lot: what will happen when people leave?

There are about 73,000 Ukrainians in Lithuania. The Bank of Lithuania estimates that refugees from Ukraine could have created €400 million in added value in 2022. This is about 1% of the country’s gross domestic […]