German Ambassador’s speech: The deep well of the past. 80 years after the Holocaust began in Lithuania.

H.E. German Ambassador Matthias Sonn spoke at the international conference dedicated to the memory of Professor Irena Veisaitė “Breaking Past: USSR – German War and Narratives of Mass Violence in Central and Eastern Europe”, Vilnius, […]


The Roop and Vilnius’ scouting locations for a possible Eurovision Victory Party

With Lithuania’s The Roop set to take the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest finals on Saturday, Vilnius is getting ready for a unique city-wide Eurovision victory party called Open Discoteque in case the group […]


Bankruptcy of JSC Baltic Defence Industries in Lithuania

The Lithuanian defence industry is quite small and produces mostly tier 2 and tier 3 type products. Most of the production goes for export, which comprises around one percent of all the state export. Two […]


The face of Lithuanian populism: not radical but loud

We often hear that some politicians call each other populists – it is not unusual to hear such accusations addressed at the former US President Donald Trump or the current Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor […]