At the Riga Conference 2018

One week left until The Riga Conference 2019

On the 11th and 12th of October, the Riga Conference will take place again. The international relations experts and leaders from all around the globe will gather in the Latvian National Library in Riga to […]

Russia's consul general to Klaipėda Vladimir Malygin, MP I. Rozova of the Russian Alliance  iand MEP W. Tomaszewski of the Polish Election Action at a veterans meeting in Klaipėda

National security threats emerge when politicians will it

How things should be, but unfortunately currently aren’t. Information regarding member of Seimas Irina Rozova’s contacts with Russian diplomats, who were possibly performing intelligence gathering under diplomatic cover had to have been reviewed by the […]


The era of ideas and programming is over. Social media posts are taking over

Is there really a necessity for early parliament elections? There is and there is not. The important thing here is what happens after. None of the existing political groups (the word “party” shouldn’t be used […]

Falsifications on line

Freedom fighters v. Wikipedia. Is it a tool to distort history?

The free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is arguably the most common platform for public accumulation of information. Over time the founders struggled to deal with the increasingly large information flow. Eventually, the ability to edit Wikipedia […]