Lithuania is already becoming an attractive destination for labour, but this is not enough

According to demographic researchers, Lithuania is already becoming a country of immigration. Although the number of people is growing and the war in Ukraine is changing the situation, job vacancies are not being filled. There […]

Russian flag
Central/Eastern Europe

What to do with Russia: the country that will remain on the map after the war in Ukraine?

During the Cold War, the Americans pursued a strategy of containment toward the Soviet Union to prevent any kind of Soviet expansion, whether militarily, economically or ideologically. Now, whatever the outcome of the Kremlin-induced war […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Ukraine and the Dutch shopkeeper

NATO’s Ukraine policy – which combines solid political support, substantial military logistical support and strategic restraint – is certainly not perfect. It is surprising, for example, that the Atlantic organisation did not anticipate events by […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Ukraine WILL FIGHT its enemy

Thursday, February 24, was the day that changed the lives of Ukrainians forever: Russia sneakily launched a full-scale invasion. This event came as a complete surprise for most Ukrainians because no one could have imagined […]

Foreign affairs

Landsbergis to business – not everyone can provide evidence that they have suffered because of China

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis says that the government is not changing its position towards China and is confident that intensified economic relations with other South-East Asian countries will help compensate for the losses Lithuania has […]