За какую Украину мы воюем

Спросите десяток украинцев, какой должна быть страна после войны – получите столько же разных ответов. Однако, какими бы ни были формулировки, все сводится к одному – Украина никогда не должна быть Россией. Да, это то, […]


День перед войной

Большая война посреди Европы продолжается вот уже почти второй год. Примечательно, что к этому эпохальному событию, которое разрушает судьбы миллионов украинцев, мир начинает привыкать. Что тут говорить – даже украинцы начали привыкать к ежедневным опасностям, […]

John F Tefft, at the conference. Photo by Jonas Petronis
Foreign affairs

Former US Ambassador Tefft: the war situation has further alienated the Russian government from the population

Former Ambassador John F. Tefft, visiting from the United States for Leonid Donsky’s 6th conference “Will Russia Survive 2024?”, says that Russia’s fate is difficult to predict and depends on the outcome of the war. […]


If failed to win the president post – then the Parliament? Talks about Vėgėlė’s party

Politicians who are already drawing the outlines of the new ruling majority should take their time, as a completely unexpected player – lawyer Ignas Vėgėlė – may still appear in next year’s Seimas elections and […]



On September 7th, the exhibition “[not]Criticising” was opened at Ideas Block – Kompresorinė space, featuring the art projects “Terra Plastica” by Alisa Palavenis and “In Search of Self-criticism” by Justas Kažys. The exhibition was also […]

Office workers

An economic boom instead of a crisis? There is a shortage of workers even for €8K

While some experts predict an imminent crisis, others discuss a possible upturn in the Lithuanian economy. At least for now, it is felt most in the labour market, where there are many, promising job offers, […]

NATO flag
Central/Eastern Europe

Silence from the Alliance after the incident on NATO territory: diplomat warns of consequences

The war started by Russia has once again reached NATO territory. After more than a day of denials, the Romanian authorities finally admitted that parts of a Russian drone landed on their soil on Monday […]