Foreign affairs

Comparing Chinese and Russian dictatorships: whether Beijing will follow Moscow’s path

The world has been watching for some time now how one of its major powers – the Chinese and Russian dictatorships – is transforming into even more aggressive authoritarian regimes and expanding their influence worldwide. […]


The Empire strikes back: Russian mirroring countermeasures in the legal domain

“Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations.” Legend attributes these words to the CIA. At the same time, the Russian authorities decided to turn the apt aphorism into a strategy. They frequently decide to mirror […]



On September 7th, the exhibition “[not]Criticising” was opened at Ideas Block – Kompresorinė space, featuring the art projects “Terra Plastica” by Alisa Palavenis and “In Search of Self-criticism” by Justas Kažys. The exhibition was also […]


Arūnas Gėlūnas: Illuminating Cultural Ties and Shared Histories

In the panorama of cultural conservationists, the General Director of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Arūnas Gėlūnas, emerges as a luminary. His dedication is not bound by the confines of museums or galleries; it […]


In Lithuania, the number of immigrants is increasing – some are against it, while others are not

Politicians are concerned about what to do with immigrants, who are now the most significant in the history of independent Lithuania. As businesses seek to bring in as many foreign workers as possible because Lithuanians […]