Mr Pål Jonson, Swedish Defence Minister. Photo Ruslanas Iržikevičius

Swedish Minister of Defence: Sweden eager to join NATO at upcoming Vilnius Summit

Swedish Minister of Defence, Pål Jonson, discusses Sweden’s readiness to join NATO and its close relationship with Finland, in an interview with the Lithuania Tribune. He addresses the state of affairs with Turkey over terrorism and speaks on Sweden’s defense industry, its adaptability in the changing Euro-Atlantic landscape, and its strategic importance in regional security and cooperation. Learn more about Sweden’s potential NATO membership and their efforts to enhance security in the region. […]


Streaming and languages in the Rīga Conference on 21-22 Oct

The annual security and foreign policy forum, The Rīga Conference 2022, will take place on October 21 – 22. Additional special events and discussions will be held on 20th October. This year the event will […]

Antano Gedrimo nuotr.

This decision will be the 2nd geopolitical catastrophe for Russia and will be very beneficial for Lithuania

This is because the accession of Sweden and Finland would make the Alliance dominant in the Baltic Sea, undermine the defence of the Kaliningrad region, and force Russia to re-plan how it will protect St […]

Digital information flow

Study revealed numerous barriers to cross-border digital services in the Nordic and Baltic countries

The Study on Nordic-Baltic Trust Services, which analysed the digital identification mechanisms used in eight Nordic and Baltic countries, revealed that there are still numerous barriers to cross-border digital services despite the legal and political […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Kubilius. Astravyets – why do the Latvians need to import electrical power from Russia?

It has been announced that on November 7, Lukashenko will officially open Astravyets Nuclear power Plant. Of course, such news is cause for grave concern because Belarus’ own energy experts report that the Belarussian electrical […]