A closer look at those opposed to vaccination in Lithuania and Latvia: clear comparisons

On August 18, several thousand Latvians protested against “mandatory vaccination”, demanding for their government to immediately change its plans. Tomas Kaikaris, the chairman of the Lithuanian Youth Association of Latvia, says that the protest passed […]


LIVE: The Riga Conference 2020

The Rīga Conference starts today and it celebrates its 15th anniversary. Watch the Riga Conference LIVE from the Lithuania Tribune below. The Riga Conference brings together regional and international experts in foreign policy and defence, academics, […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Energy experts: we don’t want it, but Belarussian electricity will reach the Baltic States anyway?

It appears that Lithuania is no longer combatting the opening of Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant along, with Latvia joining. The neighbouring country, just like Lithuania, has declared that it will not purchase electricity from the […]

The Baltic Way Celebration in Paris Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithua

Baltic Private Equity and Venture Capital market is rapidly developing

The post-financial crisis period of 2010-2019 proved that the Baltic economies are able to cope and recover from large economic downturns successfully. During this period, the Baltics have seen growth in private capital manager’s activity, […]