Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. Poorly thought out steps could accelerate Belarus’ descent into Russia’s grasp

Secretly, Alexander Lukashenko’s inauguration became the reference point for the next events in Belarus. The opposition was unable to find out the date for the “ceremony” ahead of time. Protesters planned to meet the “ascent […]

Lilija Shevtsova. Riga Conference 2019
Central/Eastern Europe

Lilia Shevtsova: Russians are weary of living in the Besieged Castle

The Lithuania Tribune team spoke to Lilia Shevtsova at the Riga Conference on October 12. We talked about US-Russian relations in the Trump era, Russia’s armament efforts, its intentions toward the EU and what future […]

Gitanas Nausėda

The president’s honeymoon has ended

September 1 has arrived and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports’ negotiations with teachers’ unions have once more entered the heated phase Vytautas Bruveris wrote in lrytas.lt Already a few weeks ago, it turned […]

At the national dance festival

What will the fate of Lithuanian conservatism be or is it already in the past?

Living in times of dynamic change, is it still meaningful to talk about Lithuanian conservatism, which from the oldest times has looked at the change in at least a skeptical light? Musings on this forgotten […]