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Celebration of Lithuanian Independence day in Paris

More than 300 people came on March 7 to celebrate the Lithuanian Independence day in Paris. It was a very good turnout given virus scares in France. The large MAS hall had activities for young […]

Gint Aras (Karolis Gintaras Žukauskas, Photo Žana Cončiar

Collapsing and constructed identity: A conversation with Author Gint Aras

Rising literary talent, Gint Aras (Karolis Gintaras Žukauskas,) shares stories created of raw natural artistry and studied precision. A Lithuanian-American native of Chicago’s suburb of Cicero, he’s the author of the novels, Finding the Moon […]

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Launch of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation – invitation to build Lithuania, together

The Lithuania Tribune Last week during a solemn afternoon, one of the biggest private investors of Lithuania Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation (MJJ Foundation) was officially presented. The 3.5-million-euro foundation will provide financial support to scientists […]

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Book on Baltic Appeal to the United Nations published

The Story of BATUN – Baltic Appeal to the United Nations (1966-1991) by Sirje Okas Ainso, was published in the US in 2018. It was presented at the AABS (Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies) conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, on June 1-3. […]