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Lithuanian choir conductor brings Baltic choral tradition to the Netherlands

November saw the powerful début of the Baltic Project Choir, founded and led by Lithuanian choir conductor Sigita Žurauskaitė, in the northern city of Groningen, the Netherlands. The two-night program is part of a long-anticipated […]

Between shades of grey. By Rūta Šepetys
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Love of freedom and a book: Americans could learn from Lithuanians

Lithuanian high school students are a great example of gratitude and respect for freedom. These are the observations of the representatives of the all-boys school Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) in Nashville (USA). According to them, […]

February 16 on Gediminas Av in Vilnius
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WANTED: volunteers to spread Lithuania’s name in the world

Do you feel that the world does not know enough about Lithuania? Do you feel that Lithuania has a lot to offer to the world but it is not heard? Guess what, you are not alone, and the Lithuania Tribune team feels that way as well. Hence, together we can do something real about it! […]

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Book on Baltic Appeal to the United Nations published

The Story of BATUN – Baltic Appeal to the United Nations (1966-1991) by Sirje Okas Ainso, was published in the US in 2018. It was presented at the AABS (Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies) conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, on June 1-3. […]