Marius Jakulis Jason, founder of the MJJ Foundation
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Launch of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation – invitation to build Lithuania, together

Last week during a solemn afternoon, one of the biggest private investors of Lithuania Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation (MJJ Foundation) was officially presented. […]

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Book on Baltic Appeal to the United Nations published

The Story of BATUN – Baltic Appeal to the United Nations (1966-1991) by Sirje Okas Ainso, was published in the US in 2018. It was presented at the AABS (Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies) conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, on June 1-3. […]

Asta Dovydėnaitė, Linas Mockevičius (back) and Antanas Juknevičius
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Asta and Linas who traversed the world on motorcycles have returned home: a record seems to be in the stars

On Saturday a campsite with friends and family members near Vilnius marked the end of the round the world trip for two motorcycle enthusiasts Asta Dovydėnaitė and Linas Mockevičius. In 640 days or more than 21 months the two travelers traversed more than 100 thousand kilometers and visited 45 different countries. This experience will forever cement itself in their memory not only because of the thousands of photos taken during the trip, but also because of a new mention in the Lithuanian record books. They have become the first Lithuanians to cover this much distance using motorcycles. […]

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Italian Lithuanian A. Kriščiūnaitė-Dantoni: There is still a Soviet Union Street in Florence

Asta Kriščiūnaitė-Dantoni , Tuscany Lithuanian community founder and chairman of the board, recently told the news outlet that Italians tend to believe disinformation. “They have it in their heads that we speak Russian and don’t know our country’s history,“ she said. She’s happy to be working hard to change these misconceptions, writes. […]

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A Lithuanian living in Alaska won the surname with “w”

On July 25th 2018 The Vilnius District Court passed yet another verdict on the original spelling case of names and surnames. This time, for a Lithuanian who married a citizen of the United States of America and took a surname with a “w”. A citizen of Lithuania, who lives in Alaska, reached out to the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), which led up more than forty cases in this matter. For several years now in the US, the applicant is identified by the surname of her spouse that contains the letter “w” – she has driver’s license, has signed several contracts with it etc., but Lithuania refused to register her surname, a press release from the foundation states. […]

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Experience of a Lithuanian working in Silicon Valley: what actually happens in the cradle of innovation?

Many people all over the world believe that working in a company based in Silicon Valley is the dream of a lifetime. Giedrė Pociūtė, referring to herself as a citizen of the world, not only dreams the dream but also purposefully pursues her goals. This graduate of Vilnius University Business School leads her life as if no boundaries or rules exist and now openly shares her not-so-easy daily life in the world’s cradle of information technologies, a press release from the business school states. […]