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Brexit and Lithuania: some decisions could lead to significant success, but it is also related to major risks

The worst-case scenario has been avoided, but at least in the near future, there will be little good news. This is how the EU-UK economic Brexit agreement could be described, announced. While there is […]

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Increasingly many Lithuanians returning – 3 cities experiencing the fastest recovery

For the first time in thirty years, Lithuania’s migration balance is positive. This is indicated by results from the first half of the year and a positive balance is predicted for the entire year of […]

Johnny Podres
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Baseball player Johnny Podres and his Lithuanian heritage

Unknown to most, famous baseball player Johnny Podres (1932-2008) had close ancestral ties with Lithuania. Both of his maternal grandparents were born in Dzūkija region, nearby Alytus. While Johnny Podres spoke little to no Lithuanian […]

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Lithuanian World Community supports the establishment of new voting districts

The presidential election held in the Republic of Lithuania on May 12 and 26, the referendum on the preservation of citizenship, and the election of Lithuanian representatives to the European Parliament led to a recorded […]