Passport of the Republic of Lithuania
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Q&A on sports and Lithuanian citizenship

There is an interesting topic in sports society discussed recently – what are the ways for a sportsperson of Lithuanian origin but not possessing citizenship of Lithuania to receive one to be able to represent […]

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Let’s look at the numbers

Many Americans who dislike Trump’s personality and policies still give him credit for having created a thriving economy. For many, it is the sole point which they can name in his favour. Trump himself boasts […]

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Celebration of Lithuanian Independence day in Paris

More than 300 people came on March 7 to celebrate the Lithuanian Independence day in Paris. It was a very good turnout given virus scares in France. The large MAS hall had activities for young […]

Gint Aras (Karolis Gintaras Žukauskas, Photo Žana Cončiar

Collapsing and constructed identity: A conversation with Author Gint Aras

Rising literary talent, Gint Aras (Karolis Gintaras Žukauskas,) shares stories created of raw natural artistry and studied precision. A Lithuanian-American native of Chicago’s suburb of Cicero, he’s the author of the novels, Finding the Moon […]