Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas

Lithuania’s last partisan Kraujelis-Siaubūnas remains found

Remains of Lithuania’s last partisan Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas were found and identified in Vilnius today. Genetic studies have confirmed the identity of Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas. In the search organized by the Genocide and Resistance Research Center of […]

People's Republic of China flags

China will never surrender to economic bullying

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Shen Zhifei Recently, China-US trade friction has been the focus of global media. There is also quite some coverage on the issue by the Lithuanian media, mostly concerned […]

Gediminas Kirkilas

Kirkilas speaks about the conciliatory position offered to Pranckietis in Seimas

Lithuanian Social Democratic Labour Party (LSDDP) chairman Gediminas Kirkilas stated on Žinių Radijas‘ show Pozicija that if the Seimas groups do not finally come to terms, there may be no coalition, in the end, […]

Global LT

Lithuanian World Community supports the establishment of new voting districts

The presidential election held in the Republic of Lithuania on May 12 and 26, the referendum on the preservation of citizenship, and the election of Lithuanian representatives to the European Parliament led to a recorded […]