Baltic Pride and MP Gražulis: why not a peep from him?

Baltic Pride In Vilnius. Photo Ruslanas Iržikevičius, the Lithuania Tribune
Baltic Pride In Vilnius. Photo Ruslanas Iržikevičius, the Lithuania Tribune

Let’s talk about MP Gražulis and Baltic Pride! Even on the brightest day, you can have clouds, a man once said upon finding out that his mother in law died, but he will have to pay the funeral expenses. An old joke and no longer very funny. But it is a fairly accurate description of the news, good and bad – which to say first and which to celebrate or be sad about more, Aidas Puklevičius wrote in

The first – about the brightest day. The week of Baltic Pride events that culminated in the march on June 8 displayed, just what a long road we have travelled from the first such events. Back then the police presence on the streets had to be greater than during the historical riot next to the Seimas palace and the guardians of race, nationality and sexual purity simply roared “Sodom! Gomorrah!” in an apocalyptic frenzy.

Meanwhile, now we had ten thousand happy people marching down the main street, waving rainbow coloured flags, dancing, singing and all of this without any tooth grinding, despairing lamentations or wistful bellowing from the opposite side.

The most that those, who still think that they will soon be forced into gender swap surgery, did was mumbling on Facebook or going to the websites of the largest companies in the country that supported Baltic Pride and there ceremoniously declared that given such a situation, they can no longer be clients.

Some fun questions

This provokes two fun questions. First: if the LGBT community is constantly accused of why they are marching in public, why they do not declare their values privately, in their homes, how it should be explained to children, then why do you also have to publicly declare your cessation of relations to a bank or mobile carrier on its Facebook profile? And why not do it calmly, at your own home, without advertising it?

Another, even more, the fun question is: what will these principled unfortunates do, having ended their shameful connections to business service providers?

Toss their phones out the window? Relinquish their computer? Turn to write letters before the Lithuanian Post has also involved itself with the topic of LGBT? Or emigrate to the East, where all the telecommunications are monitored by the watchful eye of Roskomnadzor and thus there are no problems over minorities?

Now that we have mentioned the transparent and principled institutions of the neighbouring country, let’s also accuse them of the misfortunes befalling the most dutiful fighter of the rainbow plague – Member of the Parliament Petras Gražulis.

Where was MP Gražulis?

This time he did not even peep about the Sodom and Gomorrah during Baltic Pride because he faced his own troubles, much closer to his own sinful body. The prosecutors have demanded his hide with all the severity of the law.

MP Petras Gražulis was detained by the police for refusing to obey during Baltic Pride 2013 events.
MP Petras Gražulis was detained by the police for refusing to obey during Baltic Pride 2013 events. DELFI

And this time, we are not talking about small tricks regarding car registration in a foreign country to save on expenses or some other nonsense, pleasing voters with money from funds earmarked for parliamentary activities. Or finally admitting fatherhood and paying alimony to raise the fruit of his resort romances. Oh no, the articles of the law, before which Petras cowers, are much more serious. At least when you hear them uttered by the prosecutors.

Perhaps it will be the first parliamentarian in world history, who slipped on dumplings, but the culinary aspects of this story aren’t all that interesting. Gražulis wouldn‘t be Gražulis if he would not intermingle his personal problems with state ones.

Hear, the elections are nearing, thus potential rivals may be knocked out. And he is a non-establishment politician, thus always offensive to the corrupt government. In other terms, he let off a song we have heard a hundred times, forgetting only to accuse unfair competitors on the dumpling market, some Viduklė or Kavarskas monopolies.

Gražulis need to go to the gym

However, things seem to be so serious that P. Gražulis forgot even more than that. He lost his sports form and failed to employ another argument lying on the surface. Thus, he had to weep how there’s an obvious connection. And seemingly at the same time, LGBT fools have taken to the streets to break down traditional values and he, the most principled fighter against such terrors, is expelled from the fight.

It is none other than the rainbow mafia that has conquered Lithuanian law enforcement as well, so we are all left to pray and prepare for the worst. And here’s the second, even worse news, but fortunately only for the one nincompoop in Seimas. And if we even manage to bid farewell to him in the near future, then we will have three news. All three of them good.
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