Stancikas on the new evidence on Jonas Noreika

“Had it been the work of a student, it would not withstand criticism and would receive a very low grade“, – this is how historian Nerijus Šepetys judged the acknowledgement of the Genocide Research Center […]

Arvydas Anušauskas

Freedom Day and Stockholm Syndrome

The 31st of August marks Freedom Day. On this day 26 years ago, the occupation army was officially withdrawn from Lithuania, vacating nearly 500 military facilities and 65,433 hectares of Lithuanian land, Member of the […]

Šimašius and Noreika Photo 15min.lt

Vilnius’ Mayor, you don’t know the history! Valiušaitis on Jonas Noreika – General Storm (Vėtra)

On the 27th of July, at the direction of the mayor of the City of Vilnius, the memorial plaque of Jonas Noreika-General Storm was removed from the wall of the Vrublevskis Library of the Lithuanian […]

Breaking the bread. Old Lithuanian tradition. @15min.lt

Lithuanian genetics study reveals new unique insights into our ancestry

The latest study on Lithuanian genetics traces the origin and ancestry of the Lithuanian population and reveals greatest influences on the Lithuanian genome. Scientists discovered genetic components belonging to ancestors from three different pre-historical periods […]