Book “The Jews of Kaunas”

Discover the Rich Mosaic of the History of Kaunas Jews in a new Book

Do you know which company in Kaunas manufactured radios called Tautofonas, or the Folk’s Radio, in the interwar period? As the press then stated, they were “no worse than foreign”, according to the media at […]


March 11: a path to the restoration of the independent State of Lithuania

We have just recently commemorated the anniversary of the State of Lithuania established on 16 February 1918. Today, we celebrate when Lithuania embarked on its modern path after restoring its Independence on 11 March 1990, […]

Vidmantas Valiušaitis

V. Valiušaitis. Once again: why did we revolt in June 1941?

For half a century, Soviet propaganda has been relentlessly telling lies, despising the June 1941 uprising, the commemoration of its participants, and politically persecuted them. They could not have done otherwise. They had to justify […]

Signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Seimas adopted resolution on the anniversary of the end of World War II

Noting that in 2020 the world marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, the most brutal global armed conflict in the history of humanity, which claimed tens of millions of lives, […]