Kazys Škirpa

Will we long hide our historical wounds in the name of glory?

The historically necessary and courageous decision of Vilnius city Mayor Remigijus Šimašius to take down the commemorative plaque to Jonas Noreika General Vėtra (Storm) from the Vrublevskiai Library was ruined by the cowardly way it […]

Vytautas Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis: Lithuanian Uprising was the right thing to do and it was worth it

In the non-static war against Lithuanian freedom, the central geopolitical expansionary warrior goes back repeatedly to the place that is most sensitive for him. For us, in an inevitable position of self-defense, (as Lithuanian Uprising), […]

Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas

Lithuania’s last partisan Kraujelis-Siaubūnas remains found

Remains of Lithuania’s last partisan Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas were found and identified in Vilnius today. Genetic studies have confirmed the identity of Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas. In the search organized by the Genocide and Resistance Research Center of […]


Baltic paganism, superstitions and spells in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Darius Baronas | ldkistorija.lt Baltic paganism, surviving in Europe up until the very late Medieval times, gave rise not only to hostility among the Christians, but also to a certain curiosity. As the Franciscan Bartholomew […]