Vytautas Bruveris
Central/Eastern Europe

Bruveris. A decade that shook the world irreversibly – and will shake it even more

Ten years. Ten years already! Only ten years. Anyway, just as then, on the very first day, so now, we have no idea what the future holds. Not even very shortly. And the scale of […]

Polish and Lithuanian flags
Central/Eastern Europe

What would a new Polish Govt mean for Lithuania? Former PMs on past problems and the future

Poland’s historic Parliamentary elections could mean a new government for Lithuania’s close ally – although the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party won the most votes, it is the liberal Civic Coalition, led by Poland’s […]

NATO flag
Central/Eastern Europe

Silence from the Alliance after the incident on NATO territory: diplomat warns of consequences

The war started by Russia has once again reached NATO territory. After more than a day of denials, the Romanian authorities finally admitted that parts of a Russian drone landed on their soil on Monday […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Polish analyst: Russia fears open war with NATO but may resort to terrorism

A large-scale invasion or attack on Lithuania or Poland by Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group is not to be feared, but terrorist attacks and provocations, and shoot-outs with terrorists are a real threat, Vytautas […]