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How to launch a European Lend-Lease

Considering the total nature and prospects of hostilities in Ukraine, military aid for us should not be situational but permanent. Since the full-scale Russian aggression began, Ukraine has been working to launch arms lend-lease with […]

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It won’t please those who like extremes: Mažeikis on the Russian language, Russian writers and those fleeing mobilisation

There is no room for halftones in war. There is no room for postmortems; the enemy always seems to be the scoundrel, and the friend is always right. Under such conditions, it is almost impossible […]

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«Караваны» – в Европу. Как украинцам помогают выбираться из оккупации? И почему сейчас ищут женщин-волонтеров?

Мариуполец Александр Федоров с начала войны помогает эвакуировать земляков. Размещает посты в соцсетях, принимает заявки и потом передает их волонтерам. Сам встретил войну на заработках в Чехии, а вот родственники — были в охваченном войной […]

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Проблемы внутренне перемещенных лиц (ВПЛ) в Украине

После начала второго (первый этап весна 2014 г.) этапа войны РФ против Украины 24 февраля 2022 г. миллионы украинцев вынуждены были переселиться из зон боевых действий. Часть украинских граждан выехали за пределы Украины, где получили […]

Kyiv, summer 2022. Andreas Umland
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After the war

Ukraine, the West and democracy will prevail. Whatever Mr Putin does or does not do, despite his war crimes and nuclear threats, despite his bombing of Ukrainian cities and the violence of his repression even […]

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NATO and Ukraine

Last week, a number of important geopolitical developments took place: Putin finally revealed that he was in total desperation and rushed to announce that he was annexing not only the occupied but also unoccupied, and […]

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Solution to Kaliningrad transit proposed: Lithuania must try to lift the burden as soon as possible – maybe even unilaterally

When the European Commission presented guidelines allowing limited rail transit of sanctioned goods between Russia and the Kaliningrad region, Lithuania reluctantly accepted them. It did so mainly because of the desire of its main allies, […]