The Flag of the Romuva Pagan religion. Wikipedia

The Conservatives should earnestly apologise to Pagan Romuva

Avatar – this is the first comparison that came to mind after deliberations and voting in Seimas on granting state recognition to the ancient Baltic religious community Romuva, where speakers chosen by the TS-LKD  blasted […]


The Lithuania Tribune wishes its readers a happy Joninės!

Joninės, or John’s day, is the name of the Christian celebration that coincides with Midsummer. In Lithuanian, the celebration is also called Rasos (Dew Holiday) or Kupolė. The holiday is closely tied to old pagan […]

Partisans of the Žemaičiai and Kęstutis District. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania

Women in the Lithuanian Partisan War (1944-1953)

Women in the Lithuanian Partisan War plaid a crucial role. “I recognize only a free, independent, autonomous Lithuania, without the custody of any other State. For me, partisans are not bandits, but great warriors for […]

British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce has new Board and Chairperson

The British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania has elected new board members who have been elected to serve a two-year term. As a result these individuals are proposed for a variety of strengths and experience […]