Central/Eastern Europe

Nuremberg for Putin’s heroes of war

People claiming to be Russian journalists are fueling the war in Ukraine. They are its ideologues. They justify crimes and incite them. After the war, they should be judged and forever excluded from the circles […]


Planting trees for peace? The Fins did It, maybe we should too

On Sunday afternoon, May 8, the Finnish embassy and Finnish Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce planted three cherry blossom trees in front of the embassy, thus taking part in the ‘Plant And Care For Peace’ initiative.  […]



Summary of the Week V: March 24 – March 30, 2022 A CATASTROPHE AND A TRAGEDY Inna Rogatchi ©. Sketch of Rain II. 2022. Usually, there are a few categories of people who are occupied […]


For Ukrainians caught up in the war, Lithuania will provide everything that Lithuanians have: allowances, pensions, child money

After Russia attacked Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians fleeing death arrived in Lithuania. In Lithuania, as in other EU countries, they will be granted temporary protection. This status is usually granted for a year and can […]