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Why is there going to be a future increase in Lithuanians returning from abroad?

During the month of June 2020, there were 2,153 people more returning to Lithuania than leaving. It became a record since the restoration of independence, however, it is believed that the record will not stand […]


The Best Advice for Students on How to Find a Job after College

Irrespective of your stage in life, attending college or university for the first time or going back to school to expand your knowledge pays off. Not only do you get to equip yourself with other […]


The Lithuania Tribune wishes its readers a happy Joninės!

Joninės, or John’s day, is the name of the Christian celebration that coincides with Midsummer. In Lithuanian, the celebration is also called Rasos (Dew Holiday) or Kupolė. The holiday is closely tied to old pagan […]


Environmentalist: spectre of infectious diseases can be linked to climate change

On March 20, amidst the pandemic, which affected all the countries of the world, we were celebrating Global Earth Day. Quite right, it’s just about the time to focus on helping the environment. It is […]