Revolution in Vilnius Old Town: no more transit and four streets freed up for pedestrians

Vilnius continues taking advantage of the opportunities offered by quarantine: the idea of ​​freedom for outdoor cafes is followed by a new and an even stronger concept of freedom for the Old Town – freedom […]

Giedrė delivering some rims to a health care facility. Photo provided by Giedrė

In times of crisis solidarity spreads like a virus

If these past few weeks were part of the plot from a zombie film, we would have barely made it through the first act. Nonetheless, according to movie-logic, we should have already started slipping into […]


Coronavirus pushes education out of classrooms

It is almost 10 am, and we are about to start. As the lights turn on, Rūta and Rūta (Rūta is one of the most famous names in Lithuania) jump to the stage for their […]

Where is Vilnius

G-spot of Europe is diving into fantasy worlds. Where is Vilnius, again?

After the massive success of the “Vilnius – the G-spot of Europe” campaign, the Lithuanian capital is following its own footsteps and launching a new campaign, titled “Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think It Is.” The […]