Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

VGTU is among the top 100 universities in the world: the highest position in the history of Lithuania

For the first time, a Lithuanian university is among the top 100 best universities in the world in Engineering – Civil & Structural subject group according to the latest “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019” results, which have been announced on 27 February. In total, 4 higher education institutions from Lithuania are listed in this ranking, a press release from VGTU states. […]

Battle of Saulė by A. Kriuka

The mythology of the Battle of Saulė

The raid of the Christian army against Lithuania in 1236 was dictated by the political circumstances that occurred after the Curonians’ surrender to Livonia in 1229-1230. It was then that Germans readied themselves to invite the pagans living south of Dauguva into the “sweet yoke of Christ’s faith.” It was at this point that the Christian German immigrant community of Riga and the interests of the Pope’s curia intersected. […]

Jewish Community Centre of Lithuania

Your guide to the Jewish heritage of Vilnius

With bagels making a delicious comeback in Lithuania’s capital and a number of traditional Jewish celebrations becoming part of city life again, there’s a sense that Jewish culture is experiencing somewhat of a rebirth in Vilnius, which has many looking back at the city’s historic ties with its Jewish, or Litvak, community. And though the time machine has yet to be invented, it’s now possible to travel back in time to when Vilnius was known as the Jerusalem of the North. Unlocking the Jewish cultural heritage deeply embedded into the city’s streets, buildings, and history has just become a lot easier thanks to the new free guide entitled, Discover Jewish Heritage in Vilnius, a press release from GO Vilnius states. […]

Axis Industries stadion in Vilnius

Historical breakthrough – there are no more obstacles to building a multifunctional complex in Vilnius

Residents of Vilnius and sports community of the country can mark today as a day to remember – the Council of Vilnius gave the green light to the concession agreement of the multifunctional complex in Šeškinė, and there are no more obstacles to signing it. Having signed the agreement, starting works of construction of the National Stadium and another 15 sports objects on Šeškinė hills will be possible in the nearest future. […]

German shopper

Different faces of the queen of furniture: Why do Lithuanians dislike what Germans are fond of?

The furniture designers who design products for the markets of Western countries note that customer needs differ considerably: Lithuanian residents choose completely different soft furniture than, for example, Germans. The trend both in Western Europe and in Lithuania is clear: not a single, even the most minimalist, apartment can do without a sofa, which has become a real standard of a multifunctional item of furniture and got painted in bright colours. […]

Happy Lithuanians

Lithuanian residents are happier

A survey of the emotional climate in Lithuania has shown that residents of the country feel much happier. As many as 70 per cent of residents of Lithuania consider themselves happy. The findings of the monitoring of the emotional condition of Lithuania that has been carried out since 2008 by the Human Study Centre show an overall improvement of the emotional climate in Lithuania. […]

No Picture

Europe of different medicines: fewer medicines sold in Lithuania and at higher prices than in larger countries

Fewer medicines are sold in Lithuania and their costs are greater than in larger European Union states. European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis says that the differences in the member states’ medicine markets are massive and Lithuania should seek to be heard in negotiations, writes. […]

No Picture

Flu epidemic declared in seven municipalities

The first death from flu complications. The elderly woman, who died in Šiauliai, was suffering from a number of chronic diseases and had not had a flu vaccination. It is believed that she contracted the disease from family members. Flu and other similar disease infection rates are rising around the country and seven municipalities have declared epidemics, writes. […]

Vytautas Gapšys

Bad news from the courtroom for V. Gapšys

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian Court of Appeals rejected Vytautas Gapšys defence attorney’s complaint, which requested the withdrawal of restrictions on the accused, a written pledge to not leave the country, a press release states according to […]

Agrokocnernas headquarters

Agrokoncernas responds to LRT investigation

In response to LRT information on the situation over “Farmer” leader Ramūnas KarbauskisAgrokoncernas‘ import of fertiliser, the company published a press release on Monday. It states that supposedly “there are attempts to draw the company into political games.” According to the company, state institutions, lacking real answers regarding EU sanctions, are transferring responsibility to businesses, writes. […]

Agnė Bilotaitė

Whistle-blower security to be ensured next year

With the whistle-blower protection law coming into power next year, the security of individuals aiding in unveiling corruption will be adequately ensured. The chairwoman of the workgroup, which prepared the legislation, Agnė Bilotaitė says that this is a signal that the state cares for civic minded individuals, that they will be safe and unharmed. […]