Green Wave in Europe – A New Hope Or ….?

Deutsche Welle, German news broadcaster, called the “Grunen”, the most successful Green Party of all times in the world. What’s more, they named them the greatest political winners of recent times, although the Christian Democratic Union – CDU – has recently won local elections with its allies and subsidiary policy creatures. […]

Egidijus Vareikis

Egidijus Vareikis, So, what about the foreign policy?

Anecdotal folk art says that a real man will never catch a fool in three areas: sex, sport and foreign policy. Today, foreign policy in our country is often spoken by everyone who is not […]


Opinion: Europe needs Greece despite its faults

Will Greece remain part of integrated Europe or will it not, choosing Grexit instead? Europeans, especially the political and non-political commentators, see the Greek situation in a quite primitive way: Greeks had an easy life in the European Union, misusing the funding, constructing irresponsible financial arrangements. Finally they are at the dead end. […]

World War One

Opinion: The First World War, tragedy and legacy

This summer, though full of fresh war fears, it will be time to commemorate the beginning of the First World War and people are remembering the conflict in different ways. Some are erecting monument for terrorist (or is it freedom fighter?) Gavrilo Princip in a still deeply-divided Bosnia, some are visiting war memorials, some are reviewing the statistics of casualties and destruction. […]