Foreign affairs

(Non)Lithuanian foreign policy accents on the other side of the new year

Following the end of the year, three foreign policy events would be good to discuss, having one way or another been significant to Lithuanian interests. By my subjective evaluation, they have been insufficiently showcased to […]


The Façade Democracy in Lithuania: Elections Exclusive to those already in Parliament

Lithuanian politicians have been devotedly active in their fight for democracy in neighboring countries, and yet are more than willing to come to terms with the façade democracy they themselves have created in Lithuania. The […]


Viktorija Vanagė: Lending becoming cheaper, interest rates falling: the whole market will have to adjust

In 2008, with the onset of the financial crisis and tightening of lending rules by conventional banks, access to funding, in particular for entrepreneurs of small businesses and start-ups had become more difficult. It was […]

European Union

The “Party of God” in Europe. A shameful problem, still unsolved

The European Union must finally decide how to treat Islamic Hezbollah. And stop pretending that the “Party of God” is divided into “politicians” and “soldiers”. The former can act legally, the latter cannot – because […]