Grūto park. Lenin statue that stood in Vilnius

Vytautas Sinica. Leftism?

The “Leftist” label is increasingly heard in broadcasts, articles, debates and even lectures by politicians themselves. When I was lecturing to students at Vilnius University three years ago, I avoided using this term as still […]


B-Bus – lack of a unified vision for public transport in Lithuania creates chaos

After the collapse of the Soviet regime, the Lithuanian passenger transport sector fell into stagnation and still hasn’t recovered: the market is fractured and passenger transport development has ground to a halt. This situation is […]

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Kubilius. 3 Belarussian factors and Macron’s visit to Lithuania

It is nearing two months now that people’s mass protests continue in Belarus without halting or weakening against the regime of usurper A. Lukashenko. Some in Lithuania even say with concern that the supporters of democracy […]


Start your own neobank in Lithuania and join the digital banking revolution

Entrepreneurs looking to offer something different to the traditional banking model and offer innovative, more efficient, and more accessible services, have a window of opportunity. Their strong market potential has been driven by the rise […]