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Let’s look at the numbers

Many Americans who dislike Trump’s personality and policies still give him credit for having created a thriving economy. For many, it is the sole point which they can name in his favour. Trump himself boasts […]


Why the Lithuanian GDP fell less in Q2 than most European countries’

Prompt adaptation by businesses to changed conditions, correct decisions by the Lithuanian government in containing the coronavirus outbreak and stimulating the economy, the finance sector’s resilience or simply fortune – this will long be a […]

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A. Ažubalis – I won’t give up my state

In the context of this pandemic, we tend to hear more active calls by Western politicians for urgent transformation of the European Union, i.e. achieving deeper political integration, which would supposedly meet the dynamics in […]

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The golden age of fake news

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world unexpectedly and presented a unique opportunity for nature to cleanse itself and catch its breath. However, the pandemic’s consequences are catastrophic for humanity. Due to the quarantine, links created […]