Foreign affairs

South Africa: from Apartheid to Economic Apartheid – a look into the Rainbow Nation

I must confess that I have been part of the European-African political community for almost two decades, and South Africa has been my most frequent destination on this continent. Everyone says (still does) that it […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Working abroad: have Lithuanians started to calculate and are no more satisfied with only a higher salary?

While Lithuanians used to look for work abroad, they are less likely to go there now. According to job search experts, there is now a lot of money to be earned in Lithuania, too, while […]


Human rights political agenda based on chams, the disappearance of which brings headaches, anxiety, and despair

A study by researchers at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) (Morkevičius et al., 2022) revealed that the attitudes of political parties towards human rights in Lithuania change with the elections, depending on whether the party […]

Central/Eastern Europe

When will the war in Ukraine finally end?

After three hundred days of widespread war, it is certainly a legitimate question. And the answer is simple: the war will surely end when we come to grips with reality. Then, we will accept reality […]