Moscow, Russia
Central/Eastern Europe

Our “Russian” psychological complexes

Latvians had revoked the broadcast licence for the Russian opposition TV channel Dozhd. Before that, the channel had been expelled from Moscow by Putin. It is for Latvians to judge how well this decision was […]

State Security Department headquarters

Intelligence assesses a brand new threat in Lithuania: known names of dozens of people

After the State Security Department (DSS) explicitly identified the threat of possible terrorist attacks by far-right groups in the near future for the first time this year, experts consider that the intelligence services would not […]

Central/Eastern Europe

MEP Kubilius. Can Ukraine join the European Union this year?

Ukraine is fighting a brutal war. A war started by a madman who is scared that Ukraine, having chosen and defended its European integration course back on the Maidan in 2014, can become a successful, […]