Kas yra nemokami lizdai Nėra indėlių Laimėti realius pinigus?

Lošimo automatų premijos be užstato nėra naujiena internetinių lošimų svetainėms. Lizingo žaidimų be užstato populiarumas auga nuo XXI a. pradžios ir, laimei, neatrodo, kad greitai išnyks. Kazino, norėdami pritraukti naujų klientų, pristatė lošimo automatų premijas […]

Russian flag

Пролог о прошлом, настоящем и будущем России. Ответ на статью евродепутата Кубилюса

Диалог со статьей уважаемого Андрюса Кубилюса* опубликованной в русском переводе на страницах The Moscow Times (русской службой) и озаглавленной «Почему Западу выгодно помочь России стать демократией» 04.01.2023. В оригинальном варианте статья впервые была опубликована в […]

European Union Flag
European Union

Europe’s Single Market – turning thirty and still going strong

This year, the Single Market turns 30. In 1988, Jacques Delors famously remarked that “nobody falls in love with a Common Market”. Yet, Europeans wholeheartedly appreciate the comforts this market brought them, such as uniform […]

Belarussian troops

Belarusians and Russians will be marching on our borders again: is it worth the flinch?

Russia and Belarus will launch another joint exercise across Belarus in a few days. They will also take place close to Lithuania’s borders. Military exercises in the neighbouring country are very frequent, and recently we […]


What economic crisis is coming in 2023 in Lithuania?

Inflation will likely be below 10% next year, and prices will not fall – they will continue to rise at a slower pace. Energy resources and fuels will no longer be such a hot topic, […]