4 Ideas for Improving Your Workplace Culture and Environment

A pleasant workplace is a workplace where people will want to stick around. Even if the industry you work in is stressful and demanding, you can create an office environment that helps to mitigate that. […]


Professional interpreting services – the key to a successful multilingual event

“Hello. Is this METROPOLIO VERTIMAI? We need help with interpretation. Do you provide this service and how much does it cost?” asks a client. We get several enquiries like this every day, and we are […]

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Opinion: 4 Reasons Why Adding CBD Products to Your Routine is Beneficial

CBD products are elements in medical marijuana obtained from the hemp plant. CBD products are not as ‘high’ as some people suggest. The products are used for medicinal purposes. Studies reveal that CBD products can […]


Stay Focused And Concentrate Better Using These Techniques

Do you have trouble staying focused? If so, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we will discuss some techniques that can help you stay focused and concentrate better. We will also talk about the […]