Apartments in Klaipėda are trending: experts revealed why

More and more Lithuanians who look for a balance between tranquillity and activity are turning to Klaipėda. Experts note that housing in this city is being snapped up like hotcakes. Buyers are interested in properties […]


Embedded Finance: another buzz phrase or a real opportunity for the FinTech sector?

The FinTech industry is picking up speed and is changing our understanding of financial services and their uses in many fields. One of the reasons for this change is embedded finance. This technology is subtly […]

Shop window and sales. By Artem Beliaikin from Unsplash

Are we overstimulated by too many special offers, discounts and promotions?

During the Christmas season, many people dedicate themselves to finding the perfect gift. But shopping proves to be extremely popular in other ways as well. However, many people consume things that are not necessary at […]


Thermo Pressure Bonding: Revolution in the Micro Coil Winding Technology

The advancement in the medical technology has been quite promising. With the growth of non invasive technologies, it is becoming important that the device sizes are getting smaller in order to accommodate for the smaller […]