Noda Partners with Wargaming to Lead Open Banking in the Baltic Gaming Sector

Noda Partners with Wargaming to Lead Open Banking in the Baltic Gaming Sector

Noda, a leader in instant transaction facilitation, proudly announces its market expansion alongside Wargaming into the Baltic region, including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Starting in January 2024, this strategic partnership will bring innovative Open Banking payment solutions to online gamers across these countries.

After more than a year of serving as a trusted payment facilitator for Wargaming in major markets like Germany, UK, and France, Noda is now extending its services to the burgeoning gaming markets in the Baltic States, including Lithuania. This move marks a significant step in addressing the unique needs of the Baltic gaming community.

In the dynamic world of online gaming, where quick and secure in-game transactions are paramount, Noda’s seamless payment gateway stands out. Leveraging Open Banking technology, players can perform real-time payments directly from their bank accounts, offering a swift, secure, and straightforward transaction process. This approach emphasizes direct account-to-account transfers, greatly enhancing the safety and user experience of online gaming.

The advent of Open Banking is transforming the payment landscape, providing immense benefits for both players and game developers. Gamers enjoy smoother, hassle-free payments, while developers benefit from lower transaction fees, faster settlements, and valuable customer insights.

Michael Bystrov, Chief Revenue Officer at Noda, comments, “Our partnership with Wargaming is a major milestone in bringing the benefits of Open Banking to the Baltic gaming market, including Lithuania. We are dedicated to revolutionizing payment processes for gamers, ensuring they are seamless, secure, and quick. This initiative marks a crucial step in our mission to drive innovation within the fintech ecosystem, and we are excited to witness its transformative impact on gaming in the Baltic region.”

With this partnership, Wargaming’s players will now experience unmatched convenience in their gaming transactions, reinforcing Noda’s commitment to advancing payment technologies in the gaming industry. Noda looks forward to this new venture in the Baltic States, confident in the positive impact Open Banking will have on the gaming community there.

About Noda

Noda is an innovative global, multi-currency open banking solution that facilitates seamless business transactions. Operating with 1,650 banks across 28 countries, and covering 283 bank brands with over 30,000 branches, Noda’s headquarters is in the UK, with additional offices in Spain, Latvia, including Lithuania, and Cyprus.

Noda enables merchants to accept direct bank payments from customers via Open Banking, presenting an alternative to traditional card payments. With the Noda API, merchants can effortlessly integrate Open Banking payments into their systems, benefiting from intuitive UX and competitive fees.

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