Lietuvos sporto ateitis

Štai sportų situacija Lietuvoje: E. sportas Paprastai tariant, e. sportas – tai vaizdo žaidimai, žaidžiami itin organizuotoje konkurencinėje aplinkoje. Šie žaidimai gali būti įvairūs – nuo populiarių komandinių daugelio žaidėjų internetinių kovų arenų (MOBA), vieno […]

Boy is getting ready for school

Education is the world’s fastest-growing business

International schools have experienced exponential growth over the past two decades, with the number of schools offering primary and secondary education in English tripling and the number of pupils increasing six-fold to nearly 6 million […]


Regional waste management centres eager to join EPS recycling chain

Two associated entities have submitted proposals to the Ministry of the Environment with a view to significantly expand the recycling of expanded polystyrene for Lithuania’s decarbonisation and circular economy objectives. In autumn 2021, the environment […]


How to Spend Your Downtime on a Weekend Break in Vilnius

Do you have a weekend break in Vilnius booked? Have you started to create your itinerary of the things you want to do and see during your visit? While it’s great to have a rough […]


As Lithuania begins 4-day workweek, here are other countries with same policy

In October 2021, the Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoria Chmilyte-Nielsen, who love online casino games, proposed to establish a four-day working week for employees of the state and municipal sector, who earlier return from […]