Changes at ODA LT – a rebrand and a changed sales strategy

Irena Joškienė. Photo ODA archive

ODA LT, the first professional cosmetics manufacturer in Lithuania, is renewing its brand. From now on, the company will offer the products of a new brand, ODA PRO, in its e-shops, while the already familiar Optimum Derma Aciditate (previously called O.D.A) cosmetics will be available for purchase only with the consultation of professional cosmetologists.

According to Irena Jokšienė, the company’s founder and CEO, these changes have been made based on years of experience, considering feedback from existing customers and aiming to achieve even better skin care results.   

“We have been manufacturing products in our laboratory for almost 30 years. When we started, there wasn’t such a large supply. Back then, we were the first in Lithuania to develop professional acidic cosmetics. Now, consumers are faced with an extremely wide range of skin care products. We see that it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to not only choose the right cosmetics for themselves but also achieve maximum results. This is what prompted the changes within the company,” says I. Jokšienė.

Changes in sales strategy based on customer experience

Analysing the experiences of existing customers, it was observed that the best results with Optimum Derma Aciditate cosmetics are achieved when the skin care products are selected by professionals. This led to the need to change the sales strategy.

Optimum Derma Aciditate products are now available after a personalised cosmetologist consultation at ODA clinics in Vilnius and Kaunas, after visiting certified cosmetologists in different cities of the country, or from a distance.

“Changing the sales model of products that customers already like is a difficult and risky business decision. However, we realised that we had to make this change if we wanted to deliver the best value and quality to our customers. Optimum Derma Aciditate’s home line of high-concentration acidic cosmetic products are designed for continued skin care after individual treatments to address skin concerns. For this reason, we have switched to a consultative sales model for Optimum Derma Aciditate,” says the CEO.

ODA PRO – if you wish to decide for yourself

“When analysing the existing and potential customer basket, we noticed that some customers do not visit cosmetologists and do not consult with them about purchasing our products. Therefore, we realised that by implementing changes in Optimum Derma Aciditate’s sales model, we must offer effective products to this customer segment as well. This is how the brand new ODA PRO products were born in our laboratory, which we are introducing to the market today,” says I. Jokšienė.

According to her, the new brand has been created for for self-care enthusiasts who wish to have a minimalist, yet effective routine.

“It is an innovative multi-functional acidic cosmetic developed by biochemists, which is easy and safe to use. Therefore, consumers can purchase ODA PRO products individually in e-shops and soon in physical stores, and create a simple skin care routine to solve their skin problems, regardless of their age, gender or skin colour,” says I. Jokšienė.

Extra focus on export

According to the CEO of ODA LT, the company plans to double its export share in the coming year with the renewed basket of brands. So far, export accounted for 7% of the company’s total sales. This year, the aim is to reach 20% export share.

“We currently export professional acidic cosmetics produced in our laboratory in Lithuania to Denmark, Poland, Belgium, France, Finland, Spain, Norway, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Italy and the United Kingdom. We plan to strengthen our distribution in these countries further and look for potential partnerships in other markets. Our eyes are firmly set on Asia, as the market for acidic skin care products is still growing there, and the demand for them is also emerging,” says Agnė Andriejauskienė, the company’s export project manager.

The full range of Optimum Derma Aciditate professional acidic dermacosmetics is available on the new website Here you will also find a list of cosmetologists who will advise you and help you select the most suitable Optimum Derma Aciditate products for you.

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