Gitanas Nausėda

Bruveris. G. Nausėda no longer seems as unshakeable

To force the hubristic Turkish President R. T. Erdogan to withdraw is more comfortable than to unseat J. Narkevičius from the post of minister of transport and communications. That’s probably how we can describe the […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė and Barack Obama

Laurinkus. Grybauskaitė‘s policies had many stops causing disputes

I recently got acquainted with young professor T. Janeliūnas’ study D. Grybauskaitė’s Doctrine: Changes in Lithuanian Foreign Policy 2009-2019. It is a professional, business-like and well-written analysis of Lithuanian foreign policy during years of matriarchal […]


What authority remains: do the “Farmers” still obey Karbauskis?

Farmer leader Ramūnas Karbauskis has for a long time been perceived as a politician with a firm hand, whose orders are obeyed without question by his Seimas group members. However, the drama over dismissing Seimas […]

Presidential Palace

The newcomer has things to learn from his predecessor

Prior to the presidential elections and after them, G. Nausėda promised that he will be unlike his predecessor D. Grybauskaitė. That said, he never clarified, what this could mean, Vytautas Bruveris wrote in Meanwhile, […]