Война и дети, как это объяснить

В начале июня, Владимир Зеленский опубликовал волнующее видео ( о детях, которые стали жертвами войны. Мальчиках и девочках, которым еще жить и познавать мир. Младенцев, которые только родились и уже стали мишенью для “путинских” ракет, […]

Central/Eastern Europe

A word on the July summit in Vilnius

First of all, I would like to congratulate all involved on the “Joninės” holiday and wish you a mug of beer, a piece of cumin cheese and black cumin bread, of course, Baltic fish and […]

Central/Eastern Europe


What is the spectre conjured up from our memories and past political experiences by Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine? What does this war revive? First of all, the shock of coming face to face with […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Working abroad: have Lithuanians started to calculate and are no more satisfied with only a higher salary?

While Lithuanians used to look for work abroad, they are less likely to go there now. According to job search experts, there is now a lot of money to be earned in Lithuania, too, while […]


Часть II. Унесенные ветром войны: как год спустя сложилась жизнь украинских беженцев в странах Европы

После начала полномасштабной войны из Украины выехало более 17 миллионов человек. Столько же людей живет, например, в Нидерландах или Эквадоре. Сайт Верховного комиссара ООН по делам беженцев сообщает, что только страны Европы приняли около восьми […]

Foreign affairs

From Constitutional Referendum to Global Stage: Kazakhstan and the Inaugural Astana International Forum

In an era of mounting polarization and geopolitical discord, Kazakhstan has taken a bold initiative to unite global efforts in addressing key challenges: the launch of the Astana International Forum (AIF) on June 8-9 in […]

Ingrida Šimonytė

Who could replace Šimonytė?

After the leaders of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats, Gabrielius Landsbergis and Ingrida Šimonytė, decided to call for early elections, and if they do not take place – to resign the entire government, a certain […]


The biggest threats to the Lithuanian economy: is economic contraction just the beginning?

Lithuania’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been declining for two consecutive quarters. When this happens, the country is considered to be in a recession or economic contraction. So far, relatively few people are experiencing this […]