Audronė Telešienė: Let’s not panic that there is not 3 million of us

Recently published United Nations (UN) statistics about population changes in Lithuania have really put the country on pins and needles. Headlines in the press were screaming that we are a country going extinct at the […]

Lithuanian Riflemen's Unions

Partisans’ lesson to Lithuania: weapons not requisitioned in case of war

Almost three weeks ago, president Grybauskaitė vetoed a law, which sought to limit the citizens’ right to firearms in the case of war or the declaration of a national emergency. The law stated that firearms […]


Alert for Lithuanian online shoppers: hard Brexit could hit your wallets

The perpetually stalling negotiations over the United Kingdom’s (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), the so-called Brexit, are a matter of some concern for people in different walks of life. One such group is online […]


Huawei crisis’ watched closely in Lithuania

Following Google’s announcement that it has severed relations with Huawei, seen by Washington as a national security threat, Lithuanian telecoms companies say they do not know yet how the sanctions will affect the Chinese technology […]