Chernobyl the series: facts and fiction

The series Chernobyl has recently received unprecedented attention, surpassing even that of the last season of Game of Thrones. Its creators constantly harp on its accuracy. But can you really believe everything you see in […]


Alert for Lithuanian online shoppers: hard Brexit could hit your wallets

The perpetually stalling negotiations over the United Kingdom’s (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), the so-called Brexit, are a matter of some concern for people in different walks of life. One such group is online […]

Erin Gainer Grigaliūnė

Women in Lithuania are praised but not valued

Women in Lithuania currently do not hold a single cabinet post, their salaries are over 15% less than men’s, and the gender equality index is below the European Union average. That situation would resolve itself […]


Huawei crisis’ watched closely in Lithuania

Following Google’s announcement that it has severed relations with Huawei, seen by Washington as a national security threat, Lithuanian telecoms companies say they do not know yet how the sanctions will affect the Chinese technology […]