Rokas Masiulis feels like both an angel and a victim

A songbird cannot sing, Rokas Masiulis cannot calm down even after losing the office of minister of transport and communications. Take how two weeks ago, he once more trumpeted about the horrible extent of corruption […]

Discoveries in the excavation of the Great Synagogue of Vilna @Vilnius City Municipality

Archaeologists uncovered one of two most sacred parts of Great Synagogue of Vilna

Two pillars were discovered during the archaeological research at the site of the Great Synagogue of Vilna in Vilnius, Lithuania. Located next to the pulpit (the Bimah), the pillars mark one of the two most […]


Lithuanian created AI solution for measuring emotional climate of New York

Young researcher from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania – Domantas Didžiapetris – created an artificial intelligence based solution for measuring the emotional climate in Manhattan Island, New York. After carrying out sentiment analysis of […]

Foreign affairs

#WhyNotSvastika: MEPs asks Amazon Inc. to halt sales of Soviet symbols

By the initiative of MEP Antanas Guoga, a group of MEPs addressed Amazon Inc. in a collective video message, urging to cease the sale of goods featuring Soviet symbols on the Amazon online shopping platform. […]