Immigration boosts labour force

Unemployment has shrunk 0.4pp in the second quarter of 2019 but was 0.2pp higher than a year ago – the first annual increase in unemployment since 2010. However, the reasons for the increase in unemployment […]

Vytautas Bruveris

Vytautas Bruveris. Politicians’ tools – hammer and sickle

If the nation is sitting on a powder keg, it must suddenly be removed from beneath its behind. These are the words of famous crisis prevention specialist Remigijus Šimašius, who works as Vilnius mayor. This […]

Kazys Škirpa

Will we long hide our historical wounds in the name of glory?

The historically necessary and courageous decision of Vilnius city Mayor Remigijus Šimašius to take down the commemorative plaque to Jonas Noreika General Vėtra (Storm) from the Vrublevskiai Library was ruined by the cowardly way it […]

Johnny Podres
Global LT

Baseball player Johnny Podres and his Lithuanian heritage

Unknown to most, famous baseball player Johnny Podres (1932-2008) had close ancestral ties with Lithuania. Both of his maternal grandparents were born in Dzūkija region, nearby Alytus. While Johnny Podres spoke little to no Lithuanian […]