Rokas Masiulis feels like both an angel and a victim

Rokas Masiulis DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

A songbird cannot sing, Rokas Masiulis cannot calm down even after losing the office of minister of transport and communications.

Take how two weeks ago, he once more trumpeted about the horrible extent of corruption in the Centre of Registers Vytautas Bruveris writes in

While this institution no longer belongs to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, R. Masiulis reported that investigators conducted by him found that certain dark powers from the centre, which certifies mobile signatures, could have stolen an entire 400 thousand euro.

Such “investigations,” constantly involving law enforcement, were one of the axes of this public relations virtuoso’s work as a minister and the Centre of Registers was one of the main targets.

First, it was declared that providing data for supposedly a fraction of the price led to losses in the hundreds of millions.

That said, it soon turned out that such a stack of money never existed and the cabinet itself had approved such pricing.

Masiulis’ not calming down

But R. Masiulis would not calm down. This protégé of D. Grybauskaitė tried to also appeal to the new President G. Nausėda, publicly bringing a mysterious red folder to the Presidential Palace, which supposedly revealed corruption, the powers which cover it supposedly seeking to be rid of him.

But this did not impress the ruling “Farmers” – they showed the loudly screaming minister the door. But R. Masiulis took the chance to slam it – yesterday, he organised a demonstrative press conference, where he presented himself both as an angle and as a victim, fallen in combat with corruption.

That said, after naming his various heroics, feeling angelic, R. Masiulis made no mention of either his friends or companions, who received warm posts at various levels in recent years, not about the shadows cast over a number of tenders organised in institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, nor about the pricing at the Centre of Registers, due to which supposedly millions were lost.

No surprise. The documentation of these activities was also unsuited for the red binder, which R. Masiulis so frighteningly waved around.

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