Vilnius Old Town as TV Series Sisi Backdrop. Photo by Saulius Ziura

German historical TV drama Sisi is filmed in Vilnius’ famous spot

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has been transformed into a filming location for a historical TV drama Sisi about the Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The TV series is shot by the German film production company […]

Foreign affairs

President of Lithuania: Forgetting is not an option

It is much easier to deny the past than to rectify it, wrote Titus Livius. The past can also be concealed or falsified. However, this is not the right way to “be open” as suggested […]

President of Belarus Aleksander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Lithuanian services left gaps in Tsikhanouskaya and Protasevich’s security: not everything was done

The Belarusian regime’s hand reached more than just the flight from Athens to Vilnius. It appears that Minsk was also able to knock our security services down a peg. Why did this happen, asks Tadas […]

Passport of the Republic of Lithuania
Global LT

Q&A on sports and Lithuanian citizenship

There is an interesting topic in sports society discussed recently – what are the ways for a sportsperson of Lithuanian origin but not possessing citizenship of Lithuania to receive one to be able to represent […]