Kaunas will be shaken by the grand “Confluence” weekend

“It’s like a journey through the three stages of human life – understanding who I am, accepting myself as I am, and being happy with myself as I am,” is how Rytis Zemkauskas, one of […]

Central/Eastern Europe

It’s still same Russia

Be it Putin, Stalin or a tsar, Russia repeats its crimes and lies. That is why Moscow’s imperialism must end forever – on the occasion of the Victory in Europe write Members of the European […]

Russian ship Kaliningrad
Central/Eastern Europe

What are they up to in Kaliningrad? It could be nothing, but it could also be the start of trouble

The geographical location of Kaliningrad and its militarisation have always been a headache for Lithuania and the other Baltic countries. The reason for this is that if, as a last resort, Russia wanted to initiate […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Why did Mariupol happen?

I am absolutely convinced that many thoughtful readers have asked themselves why it happened that Mariupol has been under siege since the beginning of this war. And why can’t the Ukrainian military do anything to […]


Surveys show growing satisfaction among citizens with their financial situation

Which social class do you consider yourself to be? 1.3 million – more than half of all Lithuanians – feel middle class. That’s according to a survey conducted in February. However, a few years ago, […]