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Europe’s Single Market – turning thirty and still going strong

This year, the Single Market turns 30. In 1988, Jacques Delors famously remarked that “nobody falls in love with a Common Market”. Yet, Europeans wholeheartedly appreciate the comforts this market brought them, such as uniform […]

Belarussian troops

Belarusians and Russians will be marching on our borders again: is it worth the flinch?

Russia and Belarus will launch another joint exercise across Belarus in a few days. They will also take place close to Lithuania’s borders. Military exercises in the neighbouring country are very frequent, and recently we […]

Moscow, Russia
Central/Eastern Europe

Our “Russian” psychological complexes

Latvians had revoked the broadcast licence for the Russian opposition TV channel Dozhd. Before that, the channel had been expelled from Moscow by Putin. It is for Latvians to judge how well this decision was […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Lithuania is preparing for an incredible wave of refugees from Ukraine

Although Ukrainians who have fled to Lithuania since the start of the war already make up more than 2% of the country’s population, it is predicted that the number of war refugees could soon increase […]