Latvian flag

The truth behind numbers: is Latvia really better at fighting Covid-19?

There has always been an element of competitiveness between Lithuania and its sisterly neighbour Latvia, so measuring which of the two countries has handled the Covid-19 crisis better is no exception. The overall number of […]

Mečys Laurinkus

Revolutions always have their own heroes and martyrs

Journalist V. Savukynas arranged a discussion on “Aktualijų Studija” regarding the reaction, mainly on social networks, to the organised June 5th youth protest against racism in support of the like-minded in the now out-of-virus feverish […]

Vidmantas Valiušaitis

V. Valiušaitis. Once again: why did we revolt in June 1941?

For half a century, Soviet propaganda has been relentlessly telling lies, despising the June 1941 uprising, the commemoration of its participants, and politically persecuted them. They could not have done otherwise. They had to justify […]

Plazma Visual Darnu group

Paupys Market settles in a winter garden

Paupys Market, a new centre of attraction for Vilnius residents and guests, will open this autumn in a reviving district of the Old Town of Vilnius. The architectural studio Plazma, which is involved in the […]