Worker at a warehouse

These companies are hit particularly hard by the crisis, so they feel the economic pulse well: that’s what awaits them next year

Lithuanian small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are more optimistic about the future than Estonians, and a slightly smaller share of Lithuanian entrepreneurs than Latvians predict that the turnover of their companies will decrease next year, […]


Lithuania at the crossroads of an important choice: Kasčiūnas warned against irreversible processes

“Decisions made today may make immigration processes irreversible in 5-10 years,” warned Laurynas Kasčiūnas, chairman of the National Security and Defence Committee (NSDC) of the Seimas, after a meeting of the Committee on National Security […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Polish analyst: Russia fears open war with NATO but may resort to terrorism

A large-scale invasion or attack on Lithuania or Poland by Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group is not to be feared, but terrorist attacks and provocations, and shoot-outs with terrorists are a real threat, Vytautas […]


Lukashenka, Wagner Mercenaries, and the Lithuania Threat

As the number of Wagner mercenaries in Belarus grows, the presidents of Lithuania and Latvia are convinced that the threat they pose is being taken seriously and that a new hotbed of danger has emerged […]