Nemtsov picture at a missive protest in the streets of Moscow
Central/Eastern Europe

Russian imperialists in the sheepskin: are the oppositionists who they say they are?

In the wake of the stormy debate on the closure of the Russian opposition channel TV Rain (TV Dozhd) in Latvia, it has been questioned whether we really know who the Russian opposition is, what […]

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Belarus is preparing nasty surprises for its neighbours: representatives of Lithuania and Poland warn

Lithuania and Poland have been right for years in explaining to their Western partners the threat and intentions of Russia, say Lithuanian and Polish policy-makers gathered for an informal discussion in Vilnius. But, unfortunately, they […]

Central/Eastern Europe

War: will the geopolitical crisis make the European Union stronger?

In global affairs, we are getting used to crises: if not a pandemic, then inflation, an energy crisis, refugees, or even war. Politicians and experts often repeat a well-known refrain during crises: every crisis must […]

Vladimir Putin's mural in Crimea
Central/Eastern Europe

Russian tourists at the borders of 5 states should answer the question “Whose Crimea”

Suppose all European Union countries cannot be persuaded not to issue tourist visas to Russians. In that case, the five Eastern European countries bordering Russia could form a regional bloc that would collectively agree not […]