European Union

With the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europeans chose a new path: a stronger, more democratic and ready-to-act Europe

The last decade has shown that we cannot continue moving from one crisis to another. Europe must prevent crises rather than react to them. We know that Putin, China and the world are not waiting […]

Foreign affairs

Maldeikis: China has already realised that China will lose the war with Lithuania

Matas Maldeikis, a member of the Seimas, says that against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, it should not be forgotten that China has declared war on Lithuania, only in the form of sanctions. […]


For Ukrainians caught up in the war, Lithuania will provide everything that Lithuanians have: allowances, pensions, child money

After Russia attacked Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians fleeing death arrived in Lithuania. In Lithuania, as in other EU countries, they will be granted temporary protection. This status is usually granted for a year and can […]

On the military training in the Lithuanian Army

Military expert: We must be ready to fight if necessary

Is Lithuania in real danger? Analysts stress that there is no comparison between our situation and Ukraine – we are members of NATO, with NATO forces at our backs. But military experts and political analysts […]