In Biden’s speech – the Baltic States: when speaking about the war in Israel and Ukraine, he mentions us not coincidentally

Last Friday, US President Joe Biden addressed the population, stating that two democracies, Ukraine and Israel, are currently facing existential threats. He said that although Hamas and Putin represent different threats, they share a common […]

Foreign affairs

Vytautas Bruveris. Terrorists hope that the enemy will finally fall. But what if it’s the other way around

The world is changing. It already has. We are all already living in a new historical period, with instability and insecurity at its core and growing, Vytautas Bruveris, the director of ELTA news agency, wrote. […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Should Lithuania intervene in the conflict between Poland and Ukraine?

“Everyone needs to manage their emotions,” said former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador-at-Large for Special Assignments Linas Linkevičius, in response to the recent conflict between Ukraine and Poland, when the latter announced that it […]


Is a salary of 2K EUR in Vilnius sufficient?

While average wages are rising, living on €2,000 in a big city can be difficult for some people – the cost of housing, food, transport and leisure time makes it a counting game. However, the […]