Audronė Telešienė: Let’s not panic that there is not 3 million of us

Recently published United Nations (UN) statistics about population changes in Lithuania have really put the country on pins and needles. Headlines in the press were screaming that we are a country going extinct at the […]

Viktoras Pranckietis

Bickering with one – join others

So, who the Seimas Speaker Viktoras Pranckietis representing while he is in the seat of the Seimas’ Chairperson, Vytautas Bruveris asks in Who he is, actually, representing politically, not in the formal sense of […]

Minecraft in social studies

How building a Tesla factory with Minecraft changed classwork for schoolchildren

A couple of years ago, while many countries were competing to get the attention of Tesla’s investors, computer gaming fans in Lithuania managed to do that in a unique way – through a huge virtual […]


Portrait of a Lithuanian Internet user: hooked on the news

Lithuania is highly valued for it’s public and business electronic services, However, a portrait of a Lithuanian Internet user, revealed in a recent study, shows that the majority of the country’s residents use the Internet most predominantly for news, and […]