Lithuanian Riflemen's Unions

Partisans’ lesson to Lithuania: weapons not requisitioned in case of war

Almost three weeks ago, president Grybauskaitė vetoed a law, which sought to limit the citizens’ right to firearms in the case of war or the declaration of a national emergency. The law stated that firearms […]

Orlen Lietuva oil refinery

Mažeikiai refinery: Lithuania – ours, oil and money for it – Russian

Most Lithuanians view Russia as our greatest threat. Few people do things that would benefit their enemy. However, it is very likely that every time we fill our cars’ tanks with petrol or diesel, part […]


Wife Carrying champions from Lithuania: meet the family!

The Lithuanian spouses have won the title of the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland again.  This title, for which men compete with their wives on their shoulders, was grabbed by the couple for the […]

Saulius Skvernelis

Skvernelis’ leadership is important in the coalition negotiations, but it is missing

For a few weeks now we have been hearing assurances that everything has been agreed upon regarding the ruling coalition’s revamp and that an agreement will soon be signed. But the date keeps getting pushed […]