Global Innovation Index 2019: Lithuania rises two positions higher

Innovations nuotr.

Lithuania ranks two positions higher on the Global Innovation Index rating scale, – 38th among 129 countries in the world. According to four indicators, Lithuania is among the top ten countries.

Comparison of industrial property indexes this year and last year shows an increase in the rate of international patent applications (42/39 places, respectively). However, trademarks (43/44 seats) and patent applications (57/59 seats) declined slightly, according to a press release.


Lithuania ranks in the top ten in four indicators: Mobile app creation (4th place), Females employed with advanced degrees (4th) place), pupil-teacher ratio, secondary (7th place), ISO 14001 environmental management system standard (10th place).

It is interesting to note that the employment rate of women with higher education has been recorded in extremely high positions (4-6 positions) since included in the Global Innovation Index in 2015. Since 2011 so far, the Ecological Sustainability Index (ranging from 4-25 places, in 2019 – 14 position) has remained high.


It is also possible to see a tendency for insufficient Knowledge absorption rate.  Nevertheless, there has been a steady upward trend over the last four years. Over a more extended period, Lithuania’s position in this index fluctuated between 36-40.

Switzerland, Sweden and the US are ranked first in the Global Innovation Index. The other Baltic states maintain stable positions on the rating scale: Latvia – 34th position (2018 – 34), Estonia – 24th position (2018 – 24).

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