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Western optimism has turned into months of waiting: sanctions don’t seem to be working for Russia

Western optimism that sanctions on Russian goods will soon bring Russia to its knees has turned into months of waiting, but the aggressor’s economy has not collapsed, lrytas.lt portal reported. Summer and autumn have passed, […]

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Пролог о прошлом, настоящем и будущем России. Ответ на статью евродепутата Кубилюса

Диалог со статьей уважаемого Андрюса Кубилюса* опубликованной в русском переводе на страницах The Moscow Times (русской службой) и озаглавленной «Почему Западу выгодно помочь России стать демократией» 04.01.2023. В оригинальном варианте статья впервые была опубликована в […]

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What is the difference between the new Gerasimov Doctrine and the al Qaeda Doctrine?

Valery Gerasimov, the long-serving (since 2012) Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, has recently also been appointed by Putin as the commander of military aggression against Ukraine. Anyone who is interested […]

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Smart Russian officers will decide the fate of Russia?

The 2022 year came to an end. A year that will be marked in the history of the world with the title of “Year of War”. During this year, both here in Lithuania and in […]