Central/Eastern Europe

Ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

The call for bread and circuses is unsuitable for mature democracies. It’s not by allowing the aggressor states’ athletes to participate in the Olympics that the IOC fulfils its maxim. According to this maxim, the […]


Ukraine War’s Influence on Lithuanian Exports in 2022

In 2022, Lithuanian exports of goods did not do as well as usual because of the war in Ukraine.  In 2002, the total value of Lithuanian export goods was rapidly increasing. If compared to the […]

The Moscow Kremlin

Прощание с иллюзиями

Кажется совсем недавно мы все радовались за Нобелевскую премию «Мемориала», и возможно рассчитывали, что это хоть как-то положительно подействует на внутреннюю ситуацию в стране. Воды утекло совсем не много, даже снег не успел растаять, а […]

Foreign affairs

Why Kazakhstan is hosting the Astana International Forum this year

In an increasingly polarized world, Kazakhstan often plays the role of a bridge between East and West, North and South. This is a product of our unique history and geography. For centuries, Kazakhstan has been […]

Central/Eastern Europe

An important date is coming: Lithuanians are afraid of it too, but cannot explain why

The year when Russia invaded Ukraine is approaching. This date is important not only for Ukrainians but also, presumably, for Russia, albeit for very different reasons. Putin loves dates and symbols, and Ukrainians believe that […]