A word on the July summit in Vilnius

NATO flag DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

First of all, I would like to congratulate all involved on the “Joninės” holiday and wish you a mug of beer, a piece of cumin cheese and black cumin bread, of course, Baltic fish and a warm, bright fire that does not burn but warms.

Secondly, not only hopes but also steps to extinguish the fire of war ignited by the Kremlin’s criminal war machinery. A war that united into a single event both the inherited civil war that their forefathers had instigated 106 years ago and the flames of a world slaughter that scorched the world with countless casualties, destruction and losses starting from September 01 and 17, 1939, after the signing of a friendly, allied treaty with their younger brother, the regime of National Socialism in Germany.

Alas, so far, the news does not inspire much enthusiasm. In Berlin, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and Federal Chancellor Scholz said that at the NATO summit, not just the gates but even the doors for taking Ukraine under the organisation’s peace umbrella would not be opened. I think this news was received with great enthusiasm in the Kremlin and in its bunkers.

Of course, they are. They keep claiming they are waging war against NATO, against Western civilization, and the answer is… sanctions. Sanctions, and on their background, unstoppable growth of transit traffic and natural turnover of goods from all bordering countries of the Russian Federation to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Tracking transit cargoes that find their way across the vast expanses of the world’s biggest country is a difficult task, even with all the satellites. So Moscow is simply swimming in sanctioned goods and a mad dash of entertainment. The old-timers say that similar abundance and constant partying, especially for ladies of Balzac age, cannot be recalled. Of course, where food and manufactured goods are concerned, there is always room for dual-use and even direct military goods.

Sanctions imposed by states on private businesses in a democracy work only partially, if at all. I do not even mention the invincible corruption that exists all over the world. There are any number of willing and able to penetrate into the holes of such a fence. As long as no united “anti-Putin” = “anti-Russian” coalition is formed, as long as no relations of any kind are severed, as long as no embassies of the countries united by the example of the anti-Hitler coalition are closed, the packages can be accepted indefinitely. Russia is not Cuba or even Iran, and there are enough third-world countries in the world that are ready to profit from a very distant war.

The parliaments of the countries with centuries of the sad experience of neighbourship with a “great” country call for different actions. They are called upon by the President and the bleeding people of Ukraine, who not only offered heroic resistance against the aggressor but also inflicted more and more painful jabs and blows on the occupants and their henchmen. They are not politicians and analysts who are not bribed or hooked by the Kremlin. Alas, they are opposed by a huge army of agents of influence, cowards, and corrupt politicians who are extremely afraid of making decisive moves and are all the more reluctant to hear honest confessions in The Hague. There are a great many of them. Churchill is not to be seen among them; the “Chamberlains” and “Deladiers” are plentiful.

The slogan “For the Victory of Ukraine, for the Freedom of Russia!” has become a permanent fixture at conferences, round tables, forums and international and Russian emigration, the opposition. But no one dares to elaborate on both the victory and the freedom situation. Without dotting the “i “s, the slogan remains just beautiful words and not a guide to action.

The mass desire in Russia, and for some there and abroad, to benefit directly from the presence of war leads to a much more consolidated confrontation. Even friction, or to put it in a more familiar language – tensions between various possible beneficiaries of the war will not lead to a Victory over all of them. “A noble quarrel is a noble quarrel”. Thousands, tens of thousands of others are paying with their lives for this quarrel in any case. Even if it comes to processes reminiscent of 1937 in Russia, it will change little, just as it changed little in the trajectory of the state’s development then. Moreover, the worst oppression of such events will, in any case, fall on the shoulders of the oppositionists.

Whether it will be the riflemen or the gerasimovs, the priozhins or the shoyguis, or many similar heroes of the Kremlin cohort, who will suffer, does not make much difference, just as it should be understood that even a change of the main portrait hanging or standing at the wall will not bring any cardinal change. There is no hope of another “thaw” after the death of the leader since his entourage holds practically the same views and is fighting for a “great” and not a NORMAL state. We – a fairly united enemy confront mankind, and to defeat him, we must be better united than he is.

Fear of collapse is what unites all those interested in maintaining “greatness”. Exactly, not the fear of weapons of mass destruction falling into uncontrolled hands. Who told anyone, gave assurances, that there could be scarier, more criminal and irresponsible hands than those who now have access to the button? No. And it is hard to find people more detached from reality than the Kremlin’s perpetual sitters. Even Kadyrov will not use nuclear weapons to resolve territorial issues with his neighbours because using them against a neighbour is like using them against yourself.

That is the instrument of guarantees. For example, India and Pakistan have such weapons, and border conflicts between these countries are regular, and there have been and are victims of these conflicts, but there are no madmen wishing to destroy the enemy and annihilate themselves. This and only this today, at the current stage of armament development, is a guarantee. There are no others. The Kremlin bogeymen will not use it as long as they believe they can win a long-term, blitzkrieg hopes have long been dashed war. If they realise that they are finally losing, they will use it. To doubt it, the gravity of the acts already committed by them and on their orders leaves no chance. What is humanity to do in this situation? The world? To unite, to create a coalition for a united struggle, to open all, ALL opportunities for Ukraine, and to stop intercourse with criminals.

The summit in Vilnius, for now, even with all the statements, leaves a chance. Will humanity take advantage of it? We will know very soon. In the meantime, we will keep doing our best to make it happen, and we hope to see next year on the planet and especially in Europe just bonfires of “Joninės”, bonfires of peace, friendship and joy!

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